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Saturday, January 26, 2013

as much as (in Creole) in "I'll do as much as I can"

as much as (a sufficient amount, the full measure)mezi (measure)

1. I'll do as much as I can.
    M'a fè mezi m kapab.

2. Eat as much as you can for we won't have snack tonight.
    Manje mezi w kapab paske nou p'ap pran yon goute aswè a.

3.  Take as much as you need.
     Pran mezi w kapab.

4.  Try to rest as much as you can to promote healing in your body.
     Eseye repoze mezi w kapab pou'w ede kò'w jwenn lagerizon.

5. We went to Marianne's party.  We enjoyed ourselves greatly.  We danced as much as we could.
     Nou t'ale nan fèt Marianne nan.  Nou te pran plezi nou nèt. Nou te danse mezi nou te kapab.

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  1. Interesting, I didn't know that. So, does 'mezi' have the same meaning as 'otan'? Are they the only way to express "as much as"?

    1. Yes. OTAN is a good synonym for mezi IN THIS CASE.

      And of course, you know, there is always more than one way to express yourself in any language :)...otan, mezi, jan, osibyen, fason, etc....

      Chapo byen ba!