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Most requested translations added here for your convenience: I love you → Mwen renmen w. I miss you → Mwen sonje w. My love!Lanmou mwen!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

25 Useful Introductory Haitian Creole Phrases

Here's the list you requested.  Practice listening to it at least two or three times.
Click on the play button. Listen and follow along ☺

1. Bonjou! 
    Good morning!  Hello!

2. Bonswa!
    Good afternoon / Good evening!

3. Bònn nwi!
    Good night!

4. Orevwa!

5. Na wè pita.
    See you later

6.  Kijan ou ye?
    How are you?

7. Mwen byen, mèsi.  E ou menm?
   I’m fine, thank you. And you?

8. Kijan ou rele?
    What's your name?

9.  Mwen rele ...Kate. 
    My name is ...Kate.

10. Mwen kontan rekonèt ou.
      I'm Pleased to meet you.

11. Eskize mwen mesye / Madanm.
      Excuse me sir / Man’m

12. Konbyen sa koute?
     How much is this?

13. Silvouplè / tanpri 

14.  Mèsi anpil
       Thank you very much

15.  Kote twalèt la ye?
      Where's the toilet?

16.  Pase bònn jounen☺ 
      Have a nice day☺

17.  Map sonje ou.
       I will miss you.

18.  Mwen pa konprann
       I don't understand

19. Mwen pa konnen.
     I don't know.

20. Tanpri repete ankò 
      Please say that again

21. Tanpri, pale pi dousman.
      Please speak more slowly.

22. Kijan ou di an Kreyòl?
     How do you say ... this in Creole?

23. Sa sa vle di?
      What does that mean?

24. Eske ou pale Angle?
      Do you speak English?

25. Kite m an repo, silvouplè.
      Leave me alone, please.

Se tout, mèsi, e orevwa!
That's all, thanks and goodbye!

If this is your first trip to Haiti, I welcome you with a great Caribbean smile. 
Enjoy your trip whether it's your first or your tenth. Let the tropical sun warm your heart.  And as you mingle with those very spirited natives on this beautiful island, just ready your heart to learn new things ☻

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  1. love the soundtrack! Gives me nostalgia.

  2. Mezanmi! Bèl mizik!

  3. i'm going to haiti in 2 months and this is, by far, the best learning tool i've come across. thank you so so much for doing this!

  4. Thanks.
    Have a great time in Haiti.
    and Be safe.

  5. Thanks so much for this blog! My husband is Haitian and I wanted to be able to speak with his family and this is helping a lot!

  6. The painting above is beautiful! Who painted this?

  7. I just found your blog and I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for helping those of us who are led to Haiti by the Holy Spirit. God bless you. Bondye beni ou, bon zanmi mwen.

  8. Our 5th grade class is writing to children in an orphanage in Cite Soleil. Getting some useful phrases! Any suggestions of what to say?

  9. The job you do here is wonderful. Ke Bondye beni'w.

  10. Do you have a you tube channel????

    1. Yes. Here is a link that will take you there.

  11. Mandaly,

    Your painting above is totally captivating! Do you by chance,
    sell copies of this painting? I would love to have a signed
    copy on my wall. Mesi anpil.

    1. Mèsi anpil Rachal.
      Li bèl vrèman vre.
      Men malerezman se yon sèl mwen te fè. Mwen poko fè yon kopi. Mwen va panse fè sa trè byento.
      Lè mwen fè yon kop, mwen va voye li pou ou. Dakò?

  12. Mandaly,

    I hope all this is correct, but here goes:

    M konprann egzakteman ki sa ou ap di. Ou penti yon anpil?
    Si se pa, ou ta dwe. M pral tann tande pale de w. Jis
    kite m konnen nan konvenyans ou. Bondye beni. Jan

    1. Mèsi anpil :)

      Bravo! Ou fè gwo efò zanmi.
      Nou ta dwe pale Kreyòl tout tan :).

      Kenbe la.

  13. This is very helpful, I am dating a Haitian man, and I want to learn some creole :)

  14. Many of my friends and co-workers are Haitians, so this helps me a whole lot. Thank you so much for the lessons.

  15. Hi Mandaly, Can you give me the name of the song of the soundtrack? Btw this is the first great and useful site i've found on the internet to learn Kreyol! Greetings from Belgium, Olivier

  16. Hi Mandaly, Can you give the name of the song from the soundtrack? Greetings from Belgium!

    1. Hi!
      The song title is Li pa Bon by Toto Laraque from the album Vibrations Tropicales