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Thursday, May 19, 2011

What are all the fruits and vegetables?

Specific fruits
apples - pòm
cherries - seriz
banana - fig
grapes - rezen
oranges - zoranj dous
sour oranges - zoranj si
grapefruit - chadèk
pineapple - anana
mango - mango
Soursop - kowosòl
papaya - papay
pomegranate - grenad
limes -sitwon vèt
lemon - sitwo jòn
guava - gwayav

Specific vegtables
Spinach - zepina
potatoes - pòm de tè
sweet potatoes - patat
cabbage - chou
onions - zonyon
eggplant - berejèn
cucumber - konkonm
watercress - kreson
carrot - kawòt
celery - seleri
tomatoes - tomat
lemon, lime - sitwon
lettuce - leti
avocado - zaboka
coconut - kokoye
chayote squash - militon


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  2. It would be great to have the headings in creole also

  3. I am trying to ask a question. I am being steered towards other sites, why?

  4. I am trying to find the kreyol word for Ackees. (The one mixed with cod fish) Please let me know. I know the red fruit with black seed, I have seen it in Haiti, Rue Capois in the yard of the 'Lycee des Jeunes filles", some years THANKS. rbago.

  5. How do u say, star fruit in creole?

  6. How do u say Star fruit in creole ? And please don't say fwi zetwal or zetwal fwi....coz that's just breaking the words down I wanna know the fruits name..thank u.

  7. What is th English name for abricot which we ready in Grande anse?

  8. What is th English name for abricot which we ready in Grande anse?