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Most requested translations added here for your convenience: I love you → Mwen renmen w. I miss you → Mwen sonje w. My love!Lanmou mwen!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

how do the say am finish cooking

I'm done cooking. - M fin fè manje.

how do you say best friend?

best friend - pi bon zanmi
my best friend - pi bon zanmi m

This is my best friend. - Sa se pi bon zanmi m.
He's my best friend. - Li se pi bon zanmi m.
You are my best friend. - Ou se pi bon zanmi m.

The Haitian Creole Alphabet please? Thanks dear, you're awesome!

As published in 1979:
a, an, b, ch, d, e, è, en, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, ng, o, ò, on, ou, oun, p, r, s, t, ui, v, w, y, z">

Alfabèt Kreyòl la

Monday, May 30, 2011

I'll see you in two weeks,,,that's it..

I'll see you in two weeks. - Ma wè ou nan de semèn.

m'renmen ou plis pase mwen menm

M renmen w plis pase tèt mwen - I love you more than I love myself.

Is that ever possible?

Verb 'To Want'

To download this audio, click here:

Otherwise, to listen to this audio,
Click the play button and follow along :).  Thanks.

Bonswa mezanmi!
Good evening friends!

Please remember that 'M' is a contraction for 'mwen' which means 'I' or 'me'.
You may substitute 'm' for 'mwen' if you wish.

Want (v.) - Vle

1.  M vle yon machin.
    I want a car.

2.  M vle yon pizza.
    I want a pizza.
   or, if you like tacos, you may say 'taco':)

3.  M vle pale.
    I want to talk.

4.  M vle ale.
    I want to go.

5.  Kisa ou vle jodi a?
    What do you want today?

6.  Eske ou vle ale avè m?
    Do you want to go with me?

7.  Eske ou vle danse?
    Do you want to dance?

8.  M vle di ou mèsi
    I want to say thank you

9.  M vle konnen la verite.
    I want to know the truth.

10.  M pa vle anyen.
      I don’t want anything.

11.  Kisa nou vle nan lavi a?
      What do we want in life?

12.  Nou vle libète, respè ak lanmou
      We want freedom, respect and love

Se tout, mèsi e orevwa!
That's all, thank you and goodbye!

Track: Nou vle, Nou vle by Ansy Dérose

What was the happiest moment in your life?

I've had so many. I thank God for all of them.

How to 'say' the days of the week in Creole?

How to say the months of the year in Creole

How do people learn them in their heads?

Learn what? The language vocabulary?
The best way to learn is by repetition, and by listening and mimicking others.
That's what I found most helpful when I was learning to speak English.

Ask me anything

Do you have Hurricane Preparedness materials in Haitian Creole for my Creole speaking groups here? Thanks.

Took me some time to put it together, but here it is.
This video is in Creole. It's about instruction on how to prepare and remain safe during a hurricane.

how do you say since im hatian im learning my language in haitian?

Paske mwen se Ayisyen, map aprann lang mwen an Kreyòl.


instead - olye, pito

Wear the red dress instead of the blue one.
Mete rad wouj la olye rad ble a.

Instead of helping me, they robbed me.
Olye yo ede m, yo te vòlò m.

I love your brother instead. OUCH! :(
Mwen renmen frè w la pito.

i love you honey in creole?

I love you honey. - M renmen ou, cheri

how to say im good?

I'm good. - mwen byen

Sunday, May 29, 2011


alligator - kayiman

crocodile - krokodil

Although the 'Caìman' is of the crocodile family, Haitians will identify an alligator as a 'kayiman'.

Praise the lord

Praise the Lord! - Louwe swa letènèl!

Praise God!  - Beni swa Letènel!

Glory be to God! - Glwaradye!

Bless the Lord - Beni swa Letènel.

May the name of the Lord be praised - Se pou non Bondye beni

Jesus is Lord - Jezi se Senyè a

Glory to Jesus - Glwa a Jezi

Praised be the Holy Spirit - Glwa o Sentespri

Thank the Lord! - Mèsi Senyè!

Jesus is alive! - Jezi vivan!

God bless you. - Bondye beni w.

Ask me anything

how are you?

Kijan ou ye? or
Kouman ou ye?
(both sentences have same meaning)

how to write happy mothers day

Happy Mother's Day - Bònn fèt dè mè

She does all-right in school..Did you cut yourself? No, I'm all-right..

She does alright in school - Li fè byen lekòl. or Li fè byen nan lekòl li.
Did you cut yourself - Eske ou blese?
No, I'm alright. - Non, mwen byen

how to say.' I respect the movement'

I respect the movement. - M respekte mouvman an.
By 'movement', you do mean 'organisation or crusade' right?

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! - Bònn fèt dè mè!
In Haiti, Mother's Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of May.

Manman rich - Rich moms
Manman pòv - Poor moms
Manman makout - Strict moms
Manman sitirèz - Over-lenient moms
Manman kontrolè - "CEO" moms
Manman sou jenou - Praying moms
Tout se manman. - They're all moms.

Yo tout proteje pitit yo tankou yon bèt sovaj proteje pitit li.
They all protect their offsprings just like a wild animal protects its newborn.

Tout se predispozisyon.
It's all instinct.

What's your favorite season, and would you live all year in that season if you could?

Tropical Winter.
yeah, why not?

are you hungry

Are you hungry? - Eske ou grangou?
Are you thirsty? - Eske ou swaf?
Are you tired? - Eske ou fatige?
Are you ok? - Eske ou byen?

How do you say 'that's good', I looked it up-got nothing..

That's good. - Se byen or Li bon

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Good night..

Bònn nwi.

Ask me anything

How do you say baby you made me fall real hard in love with you

Cheri, ou fè m tonbe damou pou ou.

Ask me anything

how do you say 'alright'

Alright? (as in: agree?)

Is this alright? (Do you agree?)
Eske ou dakò?

alright (as in: ok, well, good)
byen, ok, anfòm

I'm alright .
M byen.

Are you alright?
Eske ou anfòm?
Eske ou byen?

Is everyone alright?
Eske tout moun byen?

Everything's alright.
Tout bagay byen.
Tout bagay anfòm

Everything is gonna be alright.
Tout bagay va byen.
Ask me anything

When a person uses that's it.. define that's not vocalize the 'n' sound)

That's it. (as in 'that's the one') - Se li menm.
That's it. (as in 'that's all') - se tout.
Vocalizing the n sound as in the English word 'man' does not occur in Creole.
'an' is a nasal vowel and is pronounced like 'uh'. Example: manman (muh-muh)You would vocalize the 'n' sound when you have a double consonant as in 'mann', pronounced 'muh-n'.

pann - hang

rann - render, regurgitate

tann - wait

fann - cut through, rip open

define the verb 'to Wait'

To wait - tann
Wait for me - Tann mwen.
I'm waiting for you. - Map tann ou.
Wait a minute. - Tann yon minit. or Tann yon moman.

Friday, May 27, 2011

take a shower

take a shower (v.) - benyen (pronounced benh-yenh, do not vocalize the 'n' sound)

a shower (n.) - beny (pronounced benh -y)
The Haitian Creole noun 'beny' is often used to describe a medicinal or ceremonial (voodoo) bath.


He's taking a shower. - lap benyen.

Nèg sa ap benyen
 I'm taking a shower. - map benyen.

She's in the shower. - lap benyen.

Go take a shower. - Al benyen.

I'm going to take a shower. - M pral benyen

when I get home, I'll take a nice shower.
Lè m rive lakay mwen, m pral pran yon bon beny
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how do you say ...have fun?

Pran plezi ou
Anmize ou byen.

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i love yo hair

I love your hair.
M renmen cheve ou.

thanks for the add

Do you mean 'ad'?

Thanks for the ad. - Mèsi pou reklam nan.

Please how can I say "shaving brush" in creole? God bless you. I love you.

Thanks :)

shaving brush - bwòs a raze, or bwòs pou raze

How could you say in creole "dogpatch stuff"?

dogpatch stuff - bagay abitan, bagay gwo soulye

(I'm assuming that 'Dogpatch' have something to do with a 'hillbilly or a naive manner') am I right?

Please how could you say in creol "corn shucks"?

corn shucks - po mayi or pay mayi

dollars in creole

dollars - dola

Haitian money - goud (5 goud = $1 dollar)

money - lajan, kòb

10 cents - 10 kòb

25 cents - 25 kòb

50 cents - 50 kòb

Change - monnen

what does mandaly mean?

I don't know. My mom never told me :)
I have looked it up, but came back with nothing.
If one day you find out, please let me know.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

he loves

He loves. - Li renmen.

He loves me. - Li renmen m.

He loves us. - Li renmen nou.

He loves us all. - Li renmen nou tout.

He likes mangoes. - Li renmen mango.

how you say baby


Ask me anything


Haitian Creole word 'tale' - contraction for "te ale" which means "went" (the past tense of the verb to go)


Was this the English word 'tale' which is translated as, "istwa" or "kont" in Creole?

how do you say what are you doing in creole

What are you doing? - Sa wap fè la?

write me a sentence with the verb 'I thought', ok.

I thought you understood me.
M panse ou te konprann mwen.

I thought you were here.
M panse ou te la.

I thought you loved me.
M panse ou te renmen m.

I thought he died.
M panse li te mouri.

I thought you spoke Creole.
M panse ou te pale Kreyòl.

I thought we were lost.
M panse nou te pèdi.

how do you say daddy i'm sorry?

Eskize mwen, papa.

i meant everythign i said, even the part you didnt like

Tout sa mwen te di yo, mwen di yo nèt; menm sa ou pat renmen tande a.

how do you say mommy help me?

Mommy, help me - Manman, ede mwen or Manman, ede m.

How do you say "Talk to you later" in Haitian Creole?

Talk to you later - Na pale pita.

how you say sugar in creole

Sugar - sik

what la pou mwen deja means

This is a sentence fragment. What's the context?

la pou mwen deja - there for me already.


Koman yo di: "Recognize civic leaders and dedicated volunteers!" (as part of an event flyer)

Rekonèt otorite sivik ak travayè volontè yo!

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God loves you and so do we.

Bondye renmen ou, e nou menm nou renmen ou tou.


hands - men

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm waiting for good news

I'm waiting for good news.  - Map tann bònn nouvèl

"nothing much" in Haitian Creole

nothing much - anyen de bon

Usually after you greet someone and say hello, they would ask you:
-Sa ou fè? - What are you up to?  or  What have you been doing?
and you'll answer:
-Anyen de bon - nothing much

mwen renmen ou anpil pou zanmi mwen

I love you very much my friend.

Ask me anything

Difference between “pou kont ou”, “tet-ou” and “ou-mem”? I think these all mean "yourself".

Yes. You're right.

pou kont ou - by yourself
pou kont mwen - by myself
pou kont li - by himself/ herself.
I'm by myself. - M pou kont mwen.
She's going by herself. - Li prale pou kont li.

tèt ou - yourself
tèt li - himself.
He killed himself - Li touye tèt li
I'm talking to myself - map pale ak tèt mwen.

ou menm - you, yourself
li menm - him, her, himself, herself
mwen menm - me, myself
It's me! - Se mwen menm!

"more" and "most"

more - pi, plis
most - pi, plis, or pi plis

more people - plis moun

I want more.
M vle plis.

I love you more than anything.
M renmen w plis pase tout bagay.

Most people here speak Creole.
Plis moun la pale Kreyòl.

She is the most beautiful woman.
Li se fanm ki pi bèl

The cat is smaller than the dog.
Chat la pi piti pase chyen an.

dirtier - pi sal
dirtiest - pi sal
stranger - pi etranj
strangest - pi etranj
funniest - pi komik
fastest - pi vit
more interesting - pi enteresan


Monday - lendi
Tuesday - madiWednesday - mèkrediThursday - jediFriday - vandrediSaturday - samdiSunday - dimanch


left - goch (pronounced geau-sh)
right - dwat (pronounced dw-ah-t)

'GWO KOZE' which translates 'big talk' seems to have a different meaning. Is it a idiom?

It sure is.

gwo koze - remarkable, impressive, cool, grand.
Se gwo koze! - It's beyond belief!, It's extravagant!, Bombastic!, Awesome! (depending on context)

ki' sa wap fe la

what are you doing here?
or just...
what are you doing?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

How would you list, on a schedule, that a clinic is not open? For example: Monday - 9 to 5Tuesday - ClosedWednesday - 10 - 2

Open - Ouvè
Closed - Fèmen
From 9 to 5 - De 9 a 5
Schedule - Orè

(Days of the week, starting with Monday)

Lendi         9 a 5

Madi          Fèmen

Mekredi     10 a 2

Jedi            9 a 5

Vandredi    10 a 2

Samdi         Fèmen

Dimanch    Fèmen

how do you pronounce friend

zanmi (zuh-mee)

What if i don't know, make eye contact.

What if I don't know? - E si mwen pa konnen?
Make eye contact (with people). - Gade moun nan je.
Make eye contact with him/her. - Gade li nan je.
Make eye contact with me. - Gade mwen nan je.

I am looking for a way to say 'be young again or feel young again' in Creole. Thanks.

rejuvenate - rajeni

Saying 'what" in Haitian Creole

Click on the play button.  Listen and follow along.


'Kisa' is Haitian Creole for 'what'.

Kisa ou vle?
What do you want?

In both spoken and written Haitian Creole,  'Kisa' is contracted down to 'sa' most of the times.
Kisa → Sa
'Kisa' and 'sa' are interchangeable.

1. Kisa ou vle?
    Sa ou vle?
   What do you want?

2. Kisa ou bezwen?
   Sa ou bezwen?
   What do you need?

3. Kisa ou ka fè?
   Sa ou ka fè?
   What can you do?

4.  Kisa ki pase?
    Sa ki pase?
    Sa k pase?
  What's happenning?, what's up?

5. Di m kisa ou panse.
   Di m sa ou panse.
   Tell me what  you think.

6. M pa konn kisa pou m fè.
   M pa konn sa pou m fè.
   I don't know what to do.

7. Kisa sa vle di?
   Sa sa vle di?
   What does that mean?

8. Kisa sa ye?
   Sa sa ye?
   What is this?

(and in other sentences with 'what')

9. Kisa lanmou ye?
   What is love?

10. Sa lavi ye?
   What is life?

11. Sa yon 'wiki' ye?
    What's a 'wiki'?

Mèsi e pase yon bon jounen.
Thanks and have a good day.

Track: Kisa k Sekrè Lavi a by Sandra d'Haiti

How do you say, 'be my friend'?

Be my friend - Fè zanmi avèk mwen.

Ilove you my husband

I love you. - mwen renmen ou.
I love my husband. - Mwen renmen mari mwen.

I love you, my husband. - Mwen renmen ou, mari mwen.
Is it Valentines Day already? :)

My daughter is sick.

My daughter is sick - Pitit fi mwen an malad.

My son is sick. - Pitit gason mwen an malad.

My child is sick. - Pitit mwen an malad.

I am sick. - Mwen malad.

My wife is ill. - Madanm mwen malad.

My husband is ill. - Mari mwen malad.

Nou sonje w!

We miss you! - Nou sonje w!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

te asosi

That's bitterweed, bitter gourd, or bitter melon leaves.

Scientific name: Momordica Charantia L.
From the family of: Cucurbitaceae

In Haiti, good for treatment of impotence, anemia, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and some digestive problems.  It kills cancer cells, viruses, and bacteria.  It induces abortion in early pregnancy, and promotes milk flow in new mothers.
Also, if you boil these leaves, you may use it as topical treatment for wound care.

Always check with your doctor before taking any herbal medications.

how do you say teeth in creole

tooth, teeth - dan


shadow - lonbraj

ou konnen.. ti moun en Haiti pap panse de lougawou andan lakay yo, ou byen anba caban yo.. yo pe zonbi.. Now, clap ur hands..

You're right. In the children's mind, in Haiti, it is the lougawou, the zonbi, and the lamayòt that rule the night, not monsters.

E pa ti pè m te pè leswa lè m tande rara ap pase.
Sa ki pi mal la, lè w tande rara a byen lwen, sa vle di li pre. Men lè w tande li pre, sa vle di li lwen.
M kontan m fini ak sa.

how they say disease in creole?

Disease - maladi

i prefer to use the word "Lougawou"..but i'm worried about maybe spelling..

The spelling 'lougawou' is right.
You know you could also use 'lamayòt' which  is Creole for 'clowns'.
Boy oh boy!I used to worry about 'lamayòt' at night when i was a little girl in Haiti.

Daddy! What is it? I'm scare. See, no monster. Let's show this to the sheriff.

You know... children in Haiti are not worried about monsters in their closet, or under the bed. They're afraid of zombies...
Now, translating...

-Papa! (Daddy!)
-Kisa k genyen? (What is it?)
-M pè. (I'm scared.)
-Ou wè, pa gen zonbi la. An al montre cherif la sa. (See, no monster. Let's show this to the sherif.)

Haitian Creole for 'monster' is 'mons'


M pa konprann Kreyòl.

CT Scanner i was think more of the scanner people use at the airport to scan a person.. Haiti doesn't have any terrorist.. So therefore why do you we need a TC Scanner..Is this what it is?

The CT scanner is for hospital use, for diagnosing diseases. It's a very important piece of medical equipment which can be helpful in disease prevention.  If this is Haiti's first, then Haiti is way, way behind.

The country of Haiti finally got its first for-public-use CT Scanner. What do you think?

I cannot believe that this is a milestone in 2011!
A country of more than 10 million people finally gets its first CT scanner. When I heard the news I didn't know whether to be happy or shocked. I choose to be happy... better now than later.
So, in Haiti, we now have 1 CT scanner per 10 million people ... Yay!!!!
Thanks to the charitable foundation Yélé Haiti's $500,000 financial support who made it all possible.
It is a 16-slice CT scanner given to the medical organisation Medishare. The scanner now sits at the hospital Bernard Mevs.
With a CT scan a doctor can diagnose a brain hemmorrhage, tumors, coronary artery disease, pulmonary embolism and much more.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tiltle "I will be with you", God's Power: Topic "when you pass through the water I will be with you. and through the rivers. they shall not overflow you"...Isaiah 43v2 we're talk about this chapter last week. We saw Ransomed Nation-is a punishment by pay

Title - Tit

I will be with you - Mwen Va Avèk Ou

God's Power - Pouvwa Bondye

Topic - Sijè

"Lè nap pase sou lanmè, map kanpe la avèk nou; lè nap janbe gwo dlo, dlo a pap bote nou ale; lè nap mache nan dife a, dife a pap boule nou; flanm dife a pap fè nou anyen." Ezayi 43v2
(you did not include grayed part in the verse, did you want it in there?)

We've talked about this chapter last week.Nou te pale de chapit sa semèn pase.

Ransomed Nation - Nasyon Rachete

Is a punishment by pay - se yon pinisyon ke yo peye pou li (explain more)

I turn 60 on June 29 and I want to wear a bilingual button. How do I translate:60 years old today!Aged to perfection! ***I think it would start with:60 ane jodi-a! BUT, I'm not sure if there is an equivalent idiom for "aged to perfection."

Aged to perfection can be translated from the french: agé (e) a la perfection.
The equivalent in Creole would be: byen vyeyi - aged well.


Ok. Send them in. If it's a lot of materials, just send to me via my e-mail:

Christ never ask anyone for advice, all His ministries, all his miracles come from God.. Christ is the Saviour of Sinners everybody can relate to him.

Accurate translation:

Christ never ask anyone for advice.
Kris pat janm mande okenn moun konsèy.

All his ministries, all his miracles come from God.
Tout ministè li, to mirak li yo vini de Bondye.

Christ is the Saviour of sinners.
Kris se sovè pechè yo.

Everybody can relate to Him.
Li te pase kote nap pase a.

wish u were here to enjoy that food with me

M swete ou te la pou ta manje avè m.

Ask me anything

Translate please? Thank you for being my friend.

Thank you for being my friend. - Mèsi deske ou se zanmi m.

Gentlemen, let's get to the surface and move.

Mesye, an nou monte anlè a, pou nou deplase.

Ask me anything

You still alive, I'm still alive,

Ou toujou vivan, m toujou vivan.

Ask me anything

ki diferans ki gen yen ent do e rel do

do - back

rèl do - along the center of the back

how do you say,"Are you going out tonight?"

Are you going out tonight? - Eske wap sòti aswè a?

is the world gonna end????

Life will renew one day. This beautiful world will get a majestic makeover day. In the meantime, enjoy life to the fullest, just like God intended it.

Friday, May 20, 2011


sexy - anfòm

how do you spell is

Verb To be - se
This is a boy - Sa se yon gason.
She is a girl. - Li se yon fi.

Where will you spend End of the World 5/21/11 at 6:00 PM?

:-) Is it Central or Eastern time? Is it European or London time? ...Tokyo time perhaps?

All jokes aside, I really do feel bad for Harold Camping followers.  They have no plans for after May 21.  These people must have jobs, school, friends, etc.. that they think they're leaving behind.  I can't imagine how they would conduct church on Sunday May 22nd after this flub.  What a disappointment it'll be to realize that Harold Camping lied to them!  Would they think that they've been left behind?  That'll be a major blow to their faith.  Faith is so fragile.  If it's crushed, it may never be repaired again.  God be with them.

I often hear, 'Do you speak Haitian?' or "Do you speak Haiti?" Why do YOU call it Haitian Creole?

The country's name is Haiti.

The people from Haiti are Haitians.

The name of their language is Haitian Creole, so-named because there are many different types of Creole.

Haitian Creole is spoken in Haiti.

Hey Mandaly, what's the deal with this Haitian Creole? It's not even a language.

I don't know... you tell me.

The easiest way to be on TV is to call somebody a name.

To be on TV - Parèt nan televizyon.

Translation:Fason ki pi fasil pou parèt nan televizyon, se lè ou bay yon moun move non..

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I miss them

I miss them - M sonje yo

What is neg led?

nèg lèd - ugly dude, ugly man

I have heard the greetings as you have them, but also "bon'n sware for good night. Can that be used?

Yes, you could use it. It would translate: "Have a great night!"

how is your back

How's your back? - Kijan do ou ye?

all of the months

The names of the months in Creole?

January - janvye
February -fevrye
March - mas
April - avril
May - me
June -jen
July - jiyè
August - out
September - septanm
October - oktòb
November - novanm
December - desanm

What are all the fruits and vegetables?

Specific fruits
apples - pòm
cherries - seriz
banana - fig
grapes - rezen
oranges - zoranj dous
sour oranges - zoranj si
grapefruit - chadèk
pineapple - anana
mango - mango
Soursop - kowosòl
papaya - papay
pomegranate - grenad
limes -sitwon vèt
lemon - sitwo jòn
guava - gwayav

Specific vegtables
Spinach - zepina
potatoes - pòm de tè
sweet potatoes - patat
cabbage - chou
onions - zonyon
eggplant - berejèn
cucumber - konkonm
watercress - kreson
carrot - kawòt
celery - seleri
tomatoes - tomat
lemon, lime - sitwon
lettuce - leti
avocado - zaboka
coconut - kokoye
chayote squash - militon

haiti is me

translation:  Ayiti se mwen.

I love this blog! You are really helping me learn Creole and I am now able to talk with my friends in Haiti. Thank you.

Great! I'm happy to hear that.

Ask me anything

My dear: Our conflicts and our disagreements tend to get more attention than our agreements.

Yes, you're right.
When my blood boils I have to scream.
But when all is well, I have no reason to moan :)

Well, looking back to my comments i posted in the past, not a single one did you answer them.. except for the previous one..

Were they questions about the language?
I answer all questions about the Haitian Creole language and Haiti (if i can) except the vulgar ones.
And I answer a small percentage of questions that are not directly about the language or Haiti.
How can I help you, my dear?

what does "Tout sou mwen" mean

Tout sou mwen - may mean liability, responsibility, or blame (depending on context)

Literally, it translates 'all on me'

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I have such trouble hearing how to say the "w" at the end of the sentence. It means "ou"?

"w" is the contracted form of Haitian Creole "ou".

"w" or "ou" both translate the words 'you, your, and yours'
papa ou - your father
papa w - your father

M renmen ou - I love you
M renmen w - I love you

Ou ap dòmi. - You're sleeping.
Wap dòmi. - You're sleeping.

Sa se pa ou la. - This is yours
Sa se pa w la. - This is yours

Part 2
Haitian Creole speakers often use "w" instead of "ou" in writing and speaking.
"w" comes after words that end with nasal and non nasal vowels only.
manman w - your mother
kò w - your body
chapo w - your hat
M rele w - I call you
Nou kwè w. - We believe you.

Part 3
"w" does not come after words that end with a consonant.
"ou" is used instead.
pitit ou - your child
t ou - your head
machin ou - your car
pawòl ou - your word
M konprann ou - I understand you

Part 4
Listen to the "ou" and "w" sound after the words in the list below.
Feel free to repeat after me.

Click on the play button and listen:

1. Papa w - your father

2. Kò w - your body

3. vwazen w - your neighbor

4. kabann ou - your bed

5. liv ou - your book

6. M ekri w - I write to you

7. M renmen w. - I like you.

8. M konprann ou. - I understand you

9. Sa se manman w. - This is your mom.

10. Lave figi w. - Wash your face

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knock, i will answer you.

Frape, ma reponn ou.

How do you say "crazy"?

Crazy - fou, dechennen

This is crazy! - Sa dechennen!

This is senseless! - Sa dechennen!

This thing is cracked. - Bagay sa dechennen.

He's foolish. - Li fou.  or Li pèdi la rezon.

You're foolish. - Ou fou. or Ou pèdi la rezon

happy flag day in creole

Bònn fèt drapo.

I'm thinking of you

I'm thinking of you - Map panse avè w.

honey, i need you in my life

Man o man! You are so right!
You do need honey in your life!

Unlike regular sugar, honey is about 80% all natural sugars. It's a fat-free and cholesterol-free food. It's got tons of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins B6, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin. It's a great source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc... It also has a very healthy glycemic index which is you absorb it gradually - good for digestion!

So, yes, get all the honey you need :)

:-) so if you needed the translation for that:

Honey, I need you in my life. - Cheri toutou kòkòt, m bezwen nan lavi m.
Ask me anything

how do u say im the best

I'm the best. - Se mwen ki pi bon. or

I'm the best. - Mwen se tòp la. or

I'm "it". - Se mwen kap mennen.

how to say happy haitian flag day in creole

Happy flag day! - Bònn fèt drapo!

happy flag day

Ble e wouj nèt al kole!
Blue and red all the way!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tale of the Haitian Flag

The Haitian flag has endured many changes over the span of two centuries.  As Haiti celebrates a new era,  this illustrated post reflects on the most memorable Haitian flags.

Tale of the Haitian flag

Early 1500's
On crowded shabby boats,
They arrived in chains, from afar.
Replacing the natives
Who succumbed under forced labor.

Early 1790's
Fighting back oppression
Became their primal desire.
The drum beat and conch call
Harmonized with their warring cries.

Late 1790's
Revolution arose.
“A banner to lead us!” they begged.
Up went the tricolor.
“Onward!” they cried, waving it high.

Year 1802
Soon it was apparent,
Flaunting the enemy’s banner
They were branded for life,
Their identity undefined.

Year 1803
“Comrades!” called their leader,
"Let’s make this flag our contention."
He tore out the white stripe,
Wrote down these words: Freedom or Death.

Year 1805
Some of them came to think,
“Out with the blue, the bourgeoisie."
Our flag shall bid our plight,
Skin and blood, death and victory.

Mid 1860s
The emblem, they agreed,
Must reflect pride, not affliction.
They raised the blue and red,
The stripes riding the horizon.

Year 1964
It’s said, “Beyond mountains,
 You will come upon more mountains."
*Négritude supporters
Once more imposed the black and red.

Year 1987
They took one final stand
 Against the father and son's reign,
Stood as one, and once more
Proudly hoisted the blue and red.

*Négritude was a literary and ideological movement started by black intellectuals, writers, and politicians in the 1930s for the purpose of affirming the black race and the worth of African history.
© 2011 Mandaly