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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lesson 4 - You and I

This audio clip is available for download at this link:

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mwen means I
m also means I


ou means you
w also means you


mwen wè ou  - I see you
m wè wI see you

"m" is the abbreviated form of "mwen"
"w" is the abbreviated form of "ou"
We, creole speakers, use it a lot.

1. mwen rele ou - I call you

2. m rele w - I call you

3. m bezwen w - I need you

4. m pa bezwen w - I don't need you ("pa" indicates a negative form)

5. ou bezwen m - you need me

6. ou pa bezwen m - you don't need me

7. m ba ou de (2) ti wòch - I give you two little rocks

8. m kwè w - (Non contracted form - mwen kwè ou) - I believe you

9. M pa kwè w - I don't believe you

10. m tande w - I hear you

11. m pa tande w - I don't hear you

12. M konprann ou - I understand you

13.  m pa konprann ou - I don't understand you

Mèsi, se tout - thank you, that's all

Track:  Kay Manman by Jocelyne Béroard
Let's Practice - Please translate the following sentences.

1. (To call - rele) -- You call me.

2. (To choose - chwazi) -- I choose you.

3. (To help - ede) -- You help me.

4. (To thank - remèsye) -- I thank you.

5. (To wish - swete) -- I wish you

6. (To honor - onore) --I honor you

7. (To worship - adore) -- I adore you

8. (To show -montre) --You don't show me

9. (To  look at - gade) -- I look at you

10. (To look at - gade) -- I don't look at you

Find the answer key at the bottom of this page

1.ou rele m or ou rele mwen   2.m chwazi w or mwen chwazi ou   3.ou ede m   4.m remèsye w   5.m swete w   6.m onore w   7.m adore w   8.ou pa montre m   9.m gade w   10. m pa gade w


  1. Ou rele mwen / W rele mwen

    Mwen chwazi ou / M chwazi ou :-)

  2. Thank you for this website!

  3. I have been looking for something like this! I need repetition to get it to stick!! Thanks for all your hard work

  4. you're welcome Lowell & Robin. Keep Haiti with you always. Keep up the good work.

  5. I have been practicing my Kreoyl with your site for sometime now. Thank you for this website. I have recently returned from a trip to Haiti and your site helped me so much. I love traveling to Haiti. I have made over 20 trips to Haiti but I feel this year I was better able to talk to the people. We visited Port au Prince, Ennery and Petite Riviere. Thank you. This site is a wonderful service to those that want to learn.

  6. Things I discover on your site have enriched me.
    My Haitian friends now get eager and give me more attention than ever. Thank you.

  7. Tunde, It gives great courage to hear that. Now I know that I am not working in vain. Thanks ☺

  8. How do you pronounce "onore" - to honor?

  9. I just came back from Léogane and cannot leave Haiti from my heart and mind. I keep singing and I was searching for a site to learn Kreyol and I am so glad to have found yours. It is so well done and perfect for me. My son has been living in Port-au-Prince and Léogane for 13 months and it was so nice to hear him speak Kreyol so well. We already speak Fench so it is easier for us.

  10. Speaking French does have its advantages :)
    You'll be speaking Creole in no time.

    Great to hear from you.

  11. I'm heading to Haiti this summer with a medical relief program. I can't thank you enough for creating this blog and teaching me to communicate with the Haitian people! God bless you!!

    1. Great! I am happy this blog was helpful to you.

  12. Travay ou se yon benediksyon pou tout moun ki koute yo. Mèsi pou lespri jenere ou.

    I am moving to Jarabacoa from Alabama, US in 1 year. To prepare I have been studying vocabulary. Your site has been a tremendous help because you teach me how to put it all together and with correct pronunciation. Thank you for your hard work.

    1. Mèsi Tracie. It's great to hear that.

      Keep up the Creole :)

  13. Where is the Lesson 5,6,7 ?
    Kamsa hamnida

  14. Hello, Mandaly! I'm making steady progress through your lessons! Wa cheri mwen is SOOOO proud of me! Ha, ha! Anyway, I have a quick question. I seem to have hit a tiny snag--I have so much trouble pronouncing "w." I was like, OU is such a tiny word already! It's even SHORTER? :-O ha, ha. My question I HAVE to use contracted forms? Is it mandatory since you said Haitians commonly use it? Xoxo