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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lesson 7 - The verb to have

Genyen - to have
Gen - to have

Gen is the contracted form of genyen

Gen and genyen are used interchangeably in the Haitian Creole language. 

1. Mwen genyen yon machin - I have a car.
2. M gen yon machin - I have a car.

3. li genyen ven tan - he's twenty years old4. li gen ven tan - he/she is twenty years old.

5. nou genyen yon pitit - we have a child
6. nou gen yon pitit - we have a child

7. yo genyen cheve wouj - they have red hair
8. yo gen cheve wouj - they have red hair

Let's Practice. Please translate the following sentences.

1. I have a house.

2. You have a car.

3. You have two books.

4. My room has a bed.

5. Roro has a t-shirt.

6. I got enough.

7. The house has an upstairs floor.

8. Each country has a flag.

Find answer key at the bottom of this page

 1.m gen yon kay    2ou gen yon machin    3.ou gen de liv    4.chanm mwen gen yon kabann    5.Roro gen yon mayo.      6. m gen ase     7.Kay la gen yon chanmòt       8.chak peyi gen yon drapo


  1. When are the proper qualifications for a sentence to contain yon after genyen

    1. as in
      "I have a...."
      "Mwen genyen yon..."

      I think it's just need a subject, the verb to have, and an object.