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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lesson 3 - Practice vowels and Consonants Vocalization

Click the play button and listen.  Practice your pronunciation of the following words and phrases.  Use the pause button to work on each word separately.

This audio clip is downloadable at this link:

Bonjou, repete apre mwen - Hello, repeat after me.

1. Van - wind.

2. chita - "sheetah" -sit down

3. kanpe - "cuhpay" -stand up

4. Konbyen -how much

5. kabann  -bed

6. chèz - "shez" - chair

7. chèz la - the chair

8. gode a - "gowday" - the cup

9. yon gode - a cup

10. gason an -the man

11. ti gason -boy

12. fanm  nan -the lady

13. ti fi a - the little girl

14. ti machin - little car

15. ti kay - little house

16. gwo liv - big book

17. gwo soulye a - the big shoe

18. yon mayo - a t-shirt

19. de mayo - the two t-shirts

20. pye bwa yo - the trees

21. de pye bwa - two trees

22. yon gwo soulye - a big shoe

23. de gwo soulye yo -the two big shoes

24. de ti bebe yo -the  two little babies

25. de ti fi - two little girls


  1. What is the name of the song?

  2. The one that plays at the end of number 25, please.