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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exercise 13 - Translating sentences with the verb to be

The following sentences are made with the verb to be. Please translate them in Haitian Creole.

1. He is in New York.

2. we are in Canada.

3. They are in Miami.

4. I am in Mexico.

5. I am in Haiti.

6. I am writing.

7. Lizette is singing.

8. They are dancing

9. we are singing a song.

10. The teacher is talking to the girl.

11. That is not a cat. That's a dog.

12. He is 40 years old.

13. Vera is 60 years old.

14. I am 5 years old

15. The baby is one year old.

16. That dog is two years old today.

17. There is a cup under this bed.

18. There is a church on this block.

19. There are many cars in this parking lot.

20. There are too many people here.

Good luck!

Exercise 12 - More review for the definite article

Review of the definite articles an and nan.

1. (mission)misyon

2. (airplane)avyon

3. (bridge)Pon

4. (bra)soutyen

5. (TV)televizyon

6. (sausage)sosison

7. (meat)viann

8. (wheel)volan

9. (phone)telefòn

10. (villager)abitan

11. (bad weather) move tan

12. (green beans) pwatann

13. (circle) wonn

14. (declaration) deklarasyon

15. (seller)machann

You'll find answers Exercise 14.
Check out your progress. Take a test on the Definite Articles

Monday, May 24, 2010

Exercise 11 - Answers to exercies in 10

Answers to exercise 10
1. kanape a
2. moto a
3. jenjanm nan
4. valiz la
5. dra a
6. kiyè a
7. kretyen an
8. jwèt la
9. fèy la
10. nanm nan
11. pant lan
12. nimewo a
13. fant lan
14. pòt la
15. moun nan
16. nannan an
17. mayi a
18. prezidan an
19. chato a
20. vizyon an

Friday, May 21, 2010

Exercise 10 - Reviewing the definite article / And answer to exercise 9

Before continuing on to the definite articles. here are the answers to exercise 9.

***In response to the question about what role the definite articles play when using possessive adjectives - Sometimes Haitian Creole speakers do drop the definite article. You will see it mostly when they use it with demontratives (this is, that is, these are, those are).

Example: This is my pencil - Sa se kreyon mwen. (Although it's perfectly fine to say Sa se kreyon mwen an).

1. Chanm mwen gen yon kabann ak twa chèz.     (Or you can also say:)
1. Chanm mwen an gen yon kabann ak twa chèz.

2. Tonton mwen gen de ti moun.

3. Sa se ti gason mwen. Li gen yon ti machin.   (Or you can also say:)
3. Sa se ti gason mwen an. Li gen yon ti machin.

4. Sa se kay mwen. Li gen kat chanm. (Or you can also say:)
4. Sa se kay mwen an. Li gen kat chanm.

5. Paula se vwazen mwen. Li se yon doktè.

6. Mwen gen twa ti liv, yon chapo,ak de mayo.

7. Al chita la.

8. Kanpe isi.

9. Sa se yon gwo pye bwa.

10. Nou se Ameriken.

Hope you did well here.
Good news! I have posted a video lesson on the singular definite article. Look to the left column of the screen in the Audio/Video section and choose the Singular Definite Article parts 1, 2, 3, and 4. Hope it helps.
A lot of you wanted to review the definite articles.
Hope these exercises will help. (you'll find more on the definite article in LESSON 8)

A. Answer this question: In Haitian Creole, does the definite article follow or precede the noun?

B. Provide the correct definite article for the following words. Good luck!

1. (sofa)/kanape

2. (motorcycle)/moto

3. (ginger)/jenjanm

4. (bag)/valiz

5. (bedsheet)/dra

6. (spoon)/kiyè

7. (christian)/kretyen

8. (toy)/jwèt

9. (leaf)/fèy

10. (soul)/nanm

11. (edge)/pant

12. (number)/nimewo

13. (crease)/fant

14. (door)/pòt

15. (person)/moun

16. (nucleus)/nannan

17. (corn)/mayi

18. (president)/prezidan

19. (castle)/chato

20. (vision)/vizyon

Find answers for 1-20 in next blog (exercise 11).  Thanks :)
Check out your progress.  ake a test on the Definite Articles:

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Exercise 9 - Posted exercises for next class

Print these questions so you can work on them. We'll go over them at the next class. Thanks!

1. My room has a bed and three chairs.

2. My uncle has two children.

3. This is my son. He has a small car.

4. That is my house. It has four rooms.

5. Paula is my neighbor. She is a doctor.

6. I have three small books, one hat, a truck, and two t-shirts

7. Go sit over there.

8. Stand here.

9. This is a big tree.

10. We are Americans.

Exercise 8 - Answers to Questions in Exercise 7

Answers to questions in the previous exercise.
There are two ways to ask the question - where?

1. Ki kote kay la ye? or
Kote kay la?

2. Ki kote ou te apran-n pale Kreyòl?
Kote ou te apran-n pale Kreyòl?

3. Ki kote wap dòmi aswè-a?
Kote wap dòmi aswè-a?

4. Ki kote ou te tande chante sa-a?
Kote ou te tande chante sa-a?

5. Ki kote m-ta dwe ale?
Kote m-ta dwe ale?