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Most requested translations added here for your convenience: I love you → Mwen renmen w. I miss you → Mwen sonje w. My love!Lanmou mwen!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Se..., Sa..., Se Sa!

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Bonswa mezanmi!  Kouman nou ye?
Hello friends!  How are you?

Se - is the verb to be
Se-  can be a Neutral Pronoun too (neutral or impersonal pronouns represent an unspecified subject)
Se - It’s, This is, That’s, He’s, She’s

For example
1.  It's a joke.
     Li se yon blag.
     Se yon blag.
    Se” represents an unspecified subject.

2. Hello, it’s me Rachel.
   Bonjou, se mwen Rachèl.
   Bonjou, se mwen menm Rachèl.

3. Se te yon plezi.
     It was a pleasure.

4. Se te yon bèl kantik ou te chante jodi a.
     It was a beautiful hymn that you sang today.

5. Se  lalwa.
    It’s the law.

6.  Se konsa li ye
   That's how it is.
   "Se" → That is

7.  Se chwa pa’w.
    It’s up to you.

8. Sa bèl.
     It's beautiful.

Sa will be the neutral demonstrative pronoun that you will use as a subject pronoun with verbs other than the verb to be.

9. Sa fè mal.
    Li fè mal.
    It hurts.
   Cannot say: Se fè mal.

10. Sa ta fè m anpil plezi.
     Li ta fè m anpil plezi
     It would please me very much.
11.   Sa p'ap deranje m.
        Li p'ap deranje m.
         It will not bother me.

When Creole speakers ask questions with 'SE'

12. Se kijan w rele?
    It is how,  you are called?
    What is your name?

13. Se ki moun ou ye?
    It is who,  you are?
     Who are you?

14. Se kisa w'ap fè la?
      It is what,  you're doing here?
      What are you doing here?

15. Se kouman ou ye menm?
      Se kouman ou ye la?
      It is how,  you are doing?
      So, how are you?

Enben mezanmi, se te tout pou jodi a.  Mèsi anpil e n’a wè.
Well friends, that was all for today.  Thanks a lot and see ya.

Track: Pouvwa Lapriyè by group Alleluia

Anpil wòch va woule lè nou priye (2 fwa)
Ak la fwa wòch va woule lè nou priye
Bondye toujou tande rèl pitit li

Anpil chenn va kase lè nou priye (2 fwa)

Ak la fwa chenn va kase lè nou priye
Bondye toujou tande rèl pitit li

Lè n priye bwate mache, avèg yo wè
Lè n priye pòt syèl louvri, gras tonbe
Lè n priye lapenn ale, lajwa vini
An’n priye, an’n priye

Anpil pòt va louvri lè nou priye (2 fwa)
Ak lafwa pòt va louvri lè nou priye
Bondye toujou tande rèl pitit li

Toujou tande…
Toujou tande rèl pitit li…

Zo bagay? What does it mean?

Zo bagay → tiny, small piece, small amount, meagerly, scanty

"I have to pick him up from the airport today."

I have to pick him up from the airport today.
Mwen dwe al chache nan aewopò a jodi a.

Ask me anything

How to say "I came but no one was there"? Thank you!!

I came but no one was there.
Mwen te vini, men pa't gen moun la.

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"She is reading a good story"?

L'ap li yon bon istwa

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

get it if someone wants something but they can just as easily get it could you tell them get it yourself in creole?

Al pran'l ou menm.
Al pran'l poukò w.

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please, be more specific

Please, be more specific.
Ban'm plis detay.  or  Bay plis detay.  (if the conversation is not directed at you specifically)
Ban'm plis presizyon. or Bay plis presizyon.
Pale ak plis presizyon.
Pale pi presi.

listen my advice

Listen to my advice.
Koute konsèy mwen.


guineafowl or guineahen

Ask me anything

Do you say "Comment vas-tu?,"Comment allez-vous?(1 person) and "Comment allez-vous?" (2 or more people the same way? Thanks

Before answering this question, I should let you know that this French etiquette does not work for Haitian Creole.

Yes, you are right. You may use "tu" or "vous" for 1 person; and 'vous' for 2 or more people.

"tu" is used informally. You use it with close friends and people which you're on first-name basis with.

"vous" is for formal use (and plural of course).
I have a friend who complains that she was never able to 'tutoyer' her mother-in-law, even after knowing her for 11 years. Tutoyer (v.) means to use 'tu'. and Vouvoyer (v.) means to use 'vous'.

When I was growing up, I was thought to 'vouvoyer' anyone I meet for the first time except children.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

long agao wat did haitians say before tellin a story its somethink krick and the people answer krack rite?

They say "Krik?" you say "krak!"
They say "Tim Tim?" you say "Bwa sèch!"

If you don't know the answer to a devinèt (a riddle), you'd say "Mwen bwè pwa!"

what does kite mwen anrepo mean

Kite mwen anrepo.
Kite m anrepo.
Leave me alone.

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how do you get to repeat words from english to haitiancreole

I'm not sure I understand the question zanmi m.

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Emmanuel, Emmanuelle, Emmanuella, Emanyèl, Manno, Ti Manno, Mani, Manou.

My sister's name is Emmanuelle. My dad used to call her Manou.

cec la qualite

Do you want to say; 'C'est la qualité' or 'Coq qualité'?

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"You were created for a purpose" translated into Haitian creole.

Ou te fèt pou yon bi.
Ou te fèt pou yon rezon.
Bondye te kreye w pou yon bi.
Bondye te kreye w pou yon rezon.

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May God Bless You

Se pou Bondye beni w.

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I am so relieved to hear that. Would I say, "mwen tèlman soulajman tande sa a", or, "mwen tèlman soulaje tande sa a"

Mwen tèlman soulaje tande sa.

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what is December?

December → desanm

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What is Pisans

pisans → power, force, dominance, influence

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When do you use A, VA, and AVA when speaking in the future?

You may use them, to translate will or shall, instead of pral or ap anytime you wish.

How do you say: This is a lot of fun?

This is a lot of fun,
Sa enteresan anpil.

This is fun!
How fun!
Ala enteresan!
Ala de plezi!
Ala de komedi!
Se pa ti enteresan non!

I am brand new to this language and want to learn it before going on a mission trip to Haiti....where do I begin?

You will find some good resources with the lists on the right side of the screen. The earliest posts (starting at the top right) contain the elementary stuff.

I hope you've got some good Creole-speaking friends to practice with. You learn faster that way.

There are also some good online classes with Carlo at and also with Ewòl at

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"mesi paske w'ap vini. kreyol w bon papa? se sal ye wi"

Mesi paske w'ap vini.
Thanks for your upcoming trip.

Kreyòl w bon papa.
Your Creole is good?
Is your Creole good.
(sounds more like Your Creole is good)

Se sa'l ye wi. (contraction for 'Se sa li ye wi')That's what it is.

Is "Viv Ayiti" an expression? Is there a better one that expresses Haitian Pride?

'Viv Ayiti' is about hoping for a healthy and prosperous Haiti.
I couldn't think of a better way to express pride for the 'Pearl of the West Indies'

If I want to say, "This was my chance", would I say... Sa a se te chans mwen, Sa a te se chans mwen, or Sa a te chans mwen?

The middle one is not grammatically correct.
The first one would be the BEST way to say it.

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how do you say"have fun in haitian

Have fun.
Anmize ou.
Anmize w byen.
Pran plezi w.
Jwi lavi w.

Go have some fun.
Al pran plezi w.
Al anmize w.
Al distrè tèt ou non.
Al distrè w.
Al djayi kò w.
Ale banbile.
Al banbile non

me too

thank god for my family and friends

Mèsi Bondye pou fanmi m ak zanmi m yo.
Mwen remèsye Bondye pou fanmi m ak zanmi m yo.

what does jojo mean

Sounds, to me, like a non gate (nickname).

Just a quick note to thank you. I have about 4 months in which to learn enough Kreyol to pass a basic translation exam, and your website has been incredibly helpful. Thanks SO much! Mesi!

Great to know that :)
Wishing you success in your exam.

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what is hexagon and triangle

hexagon → egzagòn
triangle → triyang

Ask me anything

meaning of work Kle

kle → key

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Friday, April 27, 2012

li di nou li regret sa l te fe a.what does the last letter 'a' represent in this sentence?

It's a definite article.

Li di nou li regrèt sa l te fè a.
He/she told us he/she regret the thing that he/she did.

Here's a link to more examples of this type of sentences: Position of the definite article

How you use the word 'manke'

manke → nearly, almost

Mwen manke tonbe.
I almost fell.

Nou manke fè aksidan sou otowout la.
We nearly got into an accident on the expressway.

Mwa pase mwen te malad.  M te manke mouri.
Last month I was ill.  I almost died.

manke → to lack, to be missing, to be short of

Manje a manke sèl.
The food is lacking in salt.

Nou manke yon moun nan koral la.
We are short of one person in the choir.

thank you Jesus for opening my eyes to see the beautiful people of Haiti.

Thank you Jesus for opening my eyes to see the beautiful people of Haiti.
Mèsi Jezi, dèske ou louvri je'm pou'm kapab wè bèl moun Ayiti yo.

Jesus, you are my prize. You are my complete satisfaction. I want more of you. (in creole)

Jezi, ou se prim mwen. Ou se tout satisfaksyon m. Mwen vle pi plis nan ou.

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chimen lakay

It's chimen or chemen.

chimen lakay or wout lakay
The way to home
The way home

pran chemen lakay
fè chemen lakay
being homebound

Mwen sou chemen lakay.
Mwen sou wout lakay.
I'm on the way home.
I'm on my way home.

Chache wout lakay ou.
Go home.


aryen or anyen → nothing

Pa chita sou anyen
Having no base, no foundation, no backbone.

Pawòl li pa chita sou anyen.
His word has no foundation.
His word is not justified.

Akizasyon yo a pa chita sou anyen.
Their allegation is not grounded.

Kwayans yo pa chita sou anyen.
Their belief has no foundation.

Maryaj yo a pa chita sou anyen.
Their marriage is not secured.

Yon sèl grenn?

Yon sèl grenn or Yon sèl or Yon grenn→ one, just one, only one

Yon sèl grenn soulye.
Only one shoe.

    de pye nan yon grenn soulye (expression)
    both feet are in one shoe.
    to be trapped, to be caught in an awkward position or situation

    M te santi de pye m te nan yon grenn soulye.
    I felt trapped.

Yon sèl grenn kay.
Just one house.

Yon sèl grenn moun.
One person.

Yon sèl Sovè.
Only one Savior.

Yon sèl Bondye.  Yon sèl lafwa.
One God.  One faith.

Grenn is also Creole for seed or grain, one unit, pills or tablets, penis or testicules, and also granules

so , the verb degrennen (de-grenn-en)to separate, to break down into smaller parts/units

What is "pran nanm"?

Pran nanm (v.) →  to fascinate, to captivate, to draw, or enchant

Fanm nan pran nanm li. (The woman took his soul. literally)
Fanm nan pran lespri l. (The woman took his spirit. literally)
Fanm nan vire lòlòj li.
He's captivated by the woman.

Televizyon pran nanm li.
Television took his/her soul. (literally)
He/she's drawn to the television.

Li kite zanmi pran nanm ni.
He lets his friends take his soul. (literally)
He's influenced  by his friends.

Poukisa ou kite mesye sa pran nanm ou konsa?
Why you let this man take you soul like that? (literally)
Why are you so drawn to this man?

Other Haitian Creole synonyms for pran nanm are:  pran lespri, pran tèt, vire lòlòj, fè tèt (yon moun) pati

Thursday, April 26, 2012

what are the numbers one through 10

We are going to learn about.... We are going to work with patterns (math) What color comes next? Which one comes next? The first one with the answer... Who wants to try? NIce try! I am happy to meet you. Try again. Bear (the animal)

We are going to learn about....
Nou pral aprann...
Nou pral etidye...

We are going to learn about substraction today.
Nou pral etidye soustraksyon jodi a.

We are going to work with patterns (math)
Nou pral travay avèk òganizasyon nimewo yo.

Patterns → òganizasyon, aranjman, klasman or lòd

What color comes next?
Ki koulè ki vin apre?

Which one comes next?
Kilès k'ap vin apre?

The first one with the answer...
Premye moun ki gen repons lan ...

Who wants to try?
Kilès ki vle eseye?

Nice try! as in 'Great, you did good!' ?
Trè byen!

Nice try! as in Nice effort!?
Bon esèy!
Bèl zefò!
Bon travay!

I am happy to meet you.
Mwen kontan rekonèt ou. (if 'you' is singular)
Mwen kontan rekonèt nou. (if 'you' is plural)

Try again.
Eseye ankò.

You're not there yet, but try again.
Ou poko bon, men ou met eseye ankò.

Bear (the animal)

Tan dantan?

Tan dantan
long time ago.
the good old days
olden days

chante tan dantan yo
the songs of yesteryear

Ayiti dantan
Haiti in the good old days

To say "I'm late.", do I say "Mwen ta."?

I'm late.
Mwen anreta.

What happened to your website? It was such a help to me.

Sorry. Can't help but to go with the flow :)

Ask me anything

I want to say to my kid "Bring it TO me." How to you say "to me"?

Bring it to me.
Pote l pou mwen.
Pote l ban mwen.

Zo grann?

Zo grann, literally grandma's bones (skeleton in the closet), refer to things that are buried or concealed, often for a reason. You'll hear that expression, especially, as a warning to someone trying to unearth secrets or hidden things, or digging too deep into things:

W'ap chache zo grann ou.
You're digging too deep.

What is LIDE FRAPE as in "Lide-m fèk frape sou ou."? Mèsi!

Lide frape (expression) → to think of, to recall

Lide m fèk frape sou ou.
My idea/thoughts just hit on you (literally)
I was just thinking of you.

Lide m te frape sou li.
My idea/thoughts hit on him.(literally)
I thought about him.

how do you spell make my sandwich

Make me a sandwich please.
Fè yon sandwich pou mwen tanpri.


twaka → 3/4, three-fourth

inè twaka → 1:45

pantalon twaka → capri-style pants

i cant wait to see you later.

I cant wait to see you later.
M pa ka tan pou m wè w pita.

what have you been doing since sunrise?

What have you been doing since sunrise?
Kisa w te fè depi solèy leve?

thank you for our daily bread

Thank you for our daily bread.
Mèsi pou pen kotodyen nou.
Mèsi pou pen ou ban nou chak jou an.

What is Haitian for Welcome my friend?

Welcome my friend.
Byenveni zanmi mwen.

Is there a problem?

Is there a problem?
Eske gen yon pwoblèm?
Eske gen yon konplikasyon?
Eske gen yon kontraryete?

Mandaly,kilès ki chante pi bèl? lasigal oubyen wosiyòl?

O O mezanmi!
Mwen pa konnen. Mwen twouve lasigal yo anmèdan, sitou si m'ap eseye fè yon ti dòmi.
Lè mwen jwenn repons lan, ma va kite w konnen zanmi m :)
lasigal → cicada
wosiyòl → nightingale

why would you say that TO WIN is GENYEN in crole. I thought GENYEN (or is it GEN?)was the verb TO HAVE?

Genyen generally means to have, to win, to own, to possess, etc...

Genyen is from the French gagner which means to win, to earn,

Gen is a contracted form of Genyen.
 It should remind you of the English word 'gain' which also means to win, to earn...

Mandy, help me please ;) How would you translate "mwen pedi ekilib mwen, e m'al pran yon so." I'am not getting something that makes sense from the web translator. Thanks.

Mwen pèdi ekilib mwen, e m'al pran yon so.
I lost my balance and I had a fall.
I lost my balance and took a tumble.

So (n.) → fall, tumble

Pase you Bon joune

Pase yon bon jounen.
Have a good day.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

yonn toujou

Youn toujou
One still
Just one
Only one

fanm dous sak pase

Romeo, sa se pou Jilyèt ou :)

Fanm dous sak pase?
Sweet woman, what's up?

what's going on?


Haitian link
Haitian male or female → Ayisyen
Haitian female → Ayisyèn
Haitian 'stuff' → 'bagay' Ayisyen

tout bet jennen mode

Quite true.

Tout bèt jennen mòde.
All animals that is pushed in to a corner will bite (literally)
Expect anyone that is provoked/pushed to fight back. (meaning)

jennento hamper, to get in the way of, to bother, to be embarrassed


shadow → lonbraj, lonbray

Ask me anything

What does mezanmi mean?

It is an interjection. It may mean anything: Hey, Geez, Danm, Oh God!, WOW!, Oh my goodness!, my friends, my camarades, etc...

It comes from the French Mes amis which means my friends.

"If you write the words you hear, they will help you learn the language." translated to creole :)

If you write the words you hear, they will help you learn the language.
Si ou ekri mo ou tande yo, yo va ede ou aprann lang lan.

How would you ask a child "How would you feel if someone did that to you?"

How would you feel if someone did that to you?
Kouman ou ta santi w si yon moun ta fè w sa?


as in 'winning' a prize?

to win a prize (or something else) → genyen
to win at sports → genyen, kale, bat, vannen
to win a fight (struggle, war) → genyen, konkeri, triyonfe


defans, ranpa, pwoteksyon, azil, baraj, eskiz

Ask me anything

What is the difference between saying se BON and se BYEN?

In Haitian Creole,  when someone says 'Bon', it may be about gratification, and Byen may be about comfort.  But they both may mean the same thing.

Se byen.
It's fine.
It is going well.
It's correct.
It's right.
It's pleasant
It's comfortable

Se bon (Li bon)
It's good.
It's tasty.
It's feels good.
It's sensuous and gratifying.
It's enough.
It's adequate.
It's well done.

i will call

I will call
Mwen va rele (uncontracted)
Ma va rele (contracted)
M'a rele (contracted)

M'a rele anmwey.
I will call for help.

M'a rele w pita.
I'll call you later.

M'a rele Bondye.
I'll call onto God.

M'a rele sa yon move jijman.
I'll call this a bad idea.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

welcome to haiti

Welcome to Haiti.
Byenveni an Ayiti.
Byenveni nan peyi D'Ayiti.
Byenveni nan peyi a.

what do you want to talk about

What do you want to talk about?
Sou kisa ou vle pale?

What's going on?

What's going on?
Kisa ki ap pase la? (uncontracted)
Kisa k'ap pase la? (contracted)
Sa k'ap pase la? (more contracted)

Kisa ki genyen la?(uncontracted)
Sa ki genyen la? (contracted)
S'ak gen la? (more contracted)

Kisa ki ap pase?(uncontracted)
Sa ki ap pase?(contracted)
Sa k'ap pase?(more contracted)
S'ak pase?(more contracted)

Kisa ki ap fèt?(uncontracted)
Sa k'ap fèt?(contracted)

se mwen ki la

Se mwen ki la.
It's me who is here. (literally)
It's me.

mwen pral domi

Mwen pral dòmi.
I'm going to sleep.

Preposition FROM → Sot; Depi; Nan Men or Nan; a, ak, avè,or avèk

Download link for this audio:
To listen to this audio, press the play button and follow along :)

Mezanmi, bonjou tout moun!  Kouman nou ye?
Hello everyone!  How are you?

FROM → Sòti; nan men or nan; depi; a, ak, avè or avèk; and more...

"From" an origin, place, position → Soti

1. Mwen SOTI Ayiti.
    I’m originally FROM Haiti.

2. Li te marye ak yon nèg ki SOTI New York.
    She married a man who's  FROM New York.

3. Li SOTI nan yon fanmi ki rich.
    He's FROM a wealthy family.

4. Li te fè gato a ak wonm KI SOTI Jamayik.
    He made the cake with rum FROM Jamaica.

5. Papiyon an t’ap vole SOTI NAN yon chanm ale nan yon lòt.
    The butterfly was frolicking FROM one room to the other.

"From" a point in space where an action started, or is to be started → Depi

6. DEPI isit la jouk laba a
    FROM here to there

7. Nou te travay DEPI solèy leve jouk solèy kouche.
    We worked FROM sunrise to sunset.

8. Mwen te abite la DEPI 2005 jouk 2010.
     I lived there FROM 2005 until 2010.

9. DEPI a senkan, li te konnen li te vle vin yon aktè.
    FROM the age of five, he knew he wanted to become an actor.

"From" someone or something (an action of separation, removal, taking away, or giving away) → Nan Men or Nan

10. Mwen te wete kouto a NAN MEN l.
     I took the knife FROM him.

11. Li te resevwa yon kado NAN MEN papa l.
     He received a gift FROM his dad.

12. Li te prete $10 NAN MEN nou.
     He borrowed $10 FROM us.

13. Tout sa mwen konnen, mwen te aprann NAN MEN yo.
      Everything I know, I learned FROM them.

14. Li te retire ze a NAN chapo a, e li te mete l nan pòch li.
     He took the egg FROM the hat and put it in his pocket.

15. Li te retire rad yo NAN malèt la, epi li te ban mwen yo.
     He took the clothes FROM the suitcase and he gave them to me.

Different From, made from(Indicating differences between people, things) → Ak, avè, avèk

17. Pa’l la DIFERAN AK pa’m nan.
     His/hers is DIFFERENT FROM mine.

18. Kabann nan te fèt AK bwa kajou.
     The bed was made FROM mahogany wood.

19. Boutèy sa a fèt AK materyèl resiklaj.
     This bottle is made FROM recycled materials.

20. M’ap soufri AK yon maltèt depi maten.
I've been suffering FROM a headache since this morning.

21. L’ap soufri AK chagren.
     She’s suffering FROM a broken heart.

Se te tout. Mèsi e n'a wè.
That was all.  Thank you and see ya.

Track: Yo by Beethova Obas and Jocelyne Berouard
Yon ti jès pou yo
Yon tandrès pou yo
Yon favè pou yo
Yon lonè pou yo
Yon zepòl pou yo
Yon pawòl pou yo
Yon respè pou yo
Libète pou yo

In this sentence, ki translates as "are there", have you explained the use of ki in much depth anywhere. It confuses me a little. Konbyen Timoun ki nan lékòl la? How many children are there at the school?

'Ki' translates who, which, that. It does not translate 'are there'.
What you won't see here, in the following sentences, is the verb to be, which is somewhat 'understood' between these lines.

Konbyen timoun ki nan lekòl la?
How many children that are in the school? (literally)

Ki moun ki la?
Which person that is there? (literally)

Gode ki sou tab la sal.
The cup that is on the table is dirty. (literally)

See more on 'ki' link

How would I write in creole? Lay up Treasures in heaven where neither moth nor rust destroys and where theives do not break in and steal.... Matthew 6:20

Anpile trezò ou yo nan syèl la kote ni vè ni lawouy pa ka detwi yo, e kote vòlò p'ap ka vòlè yo...

what is la folle

'fòl' is another way to crazy in Creole.
It is the feminine of 'fou' (in French).

Since we're speaking Creole now, you may use 'fou' for both males and females. But if you want to use 'fòl', use it for females only :)

how do you say i love you with all my heart

Mwen renmen w ak tout kè m.

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What does retann mean?

Ret tann (Rete tann)
Be patient.

How would I write in Creole? I Praise You Because I am Fearfully and wonderfully made... Psalm 139:14 and For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also... Matthew 6:21 Thank you!!!

I Praise You Because I am Fearfully and wonderfully made... Psalm 139:14
'M'ap fè lwanj pou ou paske ou te kreye m avèk anpil ladrès.'

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also... Matthew 6:21
Konsa kote trezò ou ye, se la kè w va ye tou.

Monday, April 23, 2012

How would you explain the use of LADAN, L, and LAN in this sentence: Kay ou LADAN L LAN se pou li.

It's a question of the definite article 'LAN' agreeing with the pronoun 'L' that precedes it.

Kay   | ou   | ladan'l   | lan | se   | pou   | li
House | you | inside it | the | is    | for     | him/her
The house you're in is his/hers.

Now, if you did not have that contracted "L", the article would've been different.
It would have said:

Kay      | ou   | ladan   li  | an      |  se   | pou   | li
House  | you  | inside it    |  the  |  is     |  for     | him/her

See this link for more info on the placement of the article:  Where Do I Place The Definite Article?

so happy to have news from you

Mwen kontan pran nouvèl ou.

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say hi to everyone for me

Salye tout moun pou mwen

ou vle aprann?

Ou vle aprann?
Dou you want to learn?

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Mezanmi mwen jwenn ni.
I found it.

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How to say you are my angel in creole?

You are my angel.
Ou se zanj mwen.

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how do you spell bonbogie in creole, meaning it's good

Do you mean: 'Bon pou li'?

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How do you explain the use of SE vs LI. For example: It's beautiful=Li bel or Se bel

'Li' refers to a specific noun, whereas 'Se' doesn't necessarily have to.

In this case:
Li → He, she, or it
Se → this is, that is, it's (and also, verb to be)

'Li bèl.' may literally mean It's beautiful. He's beautiful. or She's beautiful.


'Se bèl' may literally mean It's beautiful. It's a beautiful thing. or This is beautiful.


lost → pèdi

I lost my keys.
Mwen pèdi kle m. move out of my way

Move out of the way.
Soti la.
Wete kò w la.
Deplase la.

Back off.
Fè bak.
Rekile dèyè.

"If you do not obey the rules, you will have to leave the class."

If you do not obey the rules, you will have to leave the class.
Si ou pa obeyi règ yo, w'ap oblije kite klas la.

"did the medicine help you?" "You look much better now."

Did the medicine help you? You look much better now.
Eske medikaman an te ba w soulajman? Li sanble ou fè mye kounye a.

we say "that's funny" does that translate into Creole?

That's funny.
Sa komik.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

you make me laugh

You make me laugh.
Ou fè m ri.

You're making me laugh.
W'ap fè'm ri.

is this right? Se tre bon paske w gen yon pitit fi ki pral fe sonje anivese maryaj. Jou sa se si telman spesyal. Maryaj nou se bel egzamp pou lot moun ka we lanmou BD. Bon anivese manmanm ak papam. Mw renmen nou anpil anpil ak tout ke'm!!

It's perfect! I just added accented characters.

"Se trè bon paske w gen yon pitit fi ki pral fè sonje anivèse maryaj. Jou sa se si tèlman spesyal. Maryaj nou se bèl egzanp pou lòt moun ka wè lanmou BD. Bòn anivèsè manman'm ak papa'm. M renmen nou anpil anpil ak tout kè'm!"

Maryaj ak anpil lanmou se bèl bagay nèt zanmi :)

This is a special day for my mom and dad. Happy Anniversary (a wedding anniversary).

Wedding aniversary → anivèsè maryaj
Happy anniversary → Bòn anivèsè.

it is a wonder

It is a wonder.
Se yon mèvèy.
Se yon mistè.

wait patiently please

Wait patiently please.
Tann avèk pasyans tanpri.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

am i fresh

'fresh' as in bold or arrogant?

Am I fresh?
Eske m frekan?

is ti a contraction of petite meaning little in french?

ti and piti are Haitian creole words derived from French  petit/petite

How do I write I am always here in creole?

I am always here.
Mwen toujou la.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

How do I write" I am GODS Treasure" in Creole...Also .... "Treasure Gods Love" In creole Thanks so much!!!

I am God's treasure.
Mwen se trezò Bondye.

To treasure God's love.
Admire lanmou Bondye.
Onore lanmou Bondye.
Selebre lanmou Bondye.
Respekte lanmou Bondye.

According to my sources both "to smell" and "to feel" are translated "santi". How does one differentiate?

In addition to the context, santi (to feel) will most likely have a pronoun after it.

Mwen pa santi m byen. (check out pronoun 'm' after 'santi)
I don't feel well.

Kouman w santi w? (check out pronoun 'w' after 'santi')
How do you feel?

Li santi fò.
It smells bad.

Soulye a santi.
The shoe smells bad.

what does epi'm pa bon mean?

... Epi m pa bon.
... And I don't feel well.
... And I am not well.
... And I am not good

what does this mean "Pa anfòm pou anfòm a"

What is the context zanmi?

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i want to write the haitian creol

I want to write the haitian Creole.
Mwen vle ekri an Kreyòl.

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president translation

president - prezidan

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what is your email? I want to thank you personally for the quick responses and the nice way you answer my questions. :)

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How can I use règ, as in li tante l règ tante l? Lik 4:13

Règ, here, denotes persistence or helps to describe an action that is extreme
Usually written like that: (verb - the word 'règ' - verb)

Haitians also use the word 'kont' in this same manner too :)

Li tante l règ tante l.
He pursued him.
He exhausted his resources trying to tempt him.

Li kriye règ kriye l.
Li kriye kont kriye l
She cried until she had no more tears.
She cried a lot.

Mwen manje règ manje m.
Mwen manje kont manje m.
I ate until I couldn't eat anymore.
I ate a lot.

Mwen dòmi règ domi m.
Mwen dòmi kont dòmi m.
I slept a lot.
I was well rested.

Nou mache règ mache n.
Nou mache kont mache nou.
We exhausted ourselves walking (Is that good English?)