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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Preposition FROM → Sot; Depi; Nan Men or Nan; a, ak, avè,or avèk

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Mezanmi, bonjou tout moun!  Kouman nou ye?
Hello everyone!  How are you?

FROM → Sòti; nan men or nan; depi; a, ak, avè or avèk; and more...

"From" an origin, place, position → Soti

1. Mwen SOTI Ayiti.
    I’m originally FROM Haiti.

2. Li te marye ak yon nèg ki SOTI New York.
    She married a man who's  FROM New York.

3. Li SOTI nan yon fanmi ki rich.
    He's FROM a wealthy family.

4. Li te fè gato a ak wonm KI SOTI Jamayik.
    He made the cake with rum FROM Jamaica.

5. Papiyon an t’ap vole SOTI NAN yon chanm ale nan yon lòt.
    The butterfly was frolicking FROM one room to the other.

"From" a point in space where an action started, or is to be started → Depi

6. DEPI isit la jouk laba a
    FROM here to there

7. Nou te travay DEPI solèy leve jouk solèy kouche.
    We worked FROM sunrise to sunset.

8. Mwen te abite la DEPI 2005 jouk 2010.
     I lived there FROM 2005 until 2010.

9. DEPI a senkan, li te konnen li te vle vin yon aktè.
    FROM the age of five, he knew he wanted to become an actor.

"From" someone or something (an action of separation, removal, taking away, or giving away) → Nan Men or Nan

10. Mwen te wete kouto a NAN MEN l.
     I took the knife FROM him.

11. Li te resevwa yon kado NAN MEN papa l.
     He received a gift FROM his dad.

12. Li te prete $10 NAN MEN nou.
     He borrowed $10 FROM us.

13. Tout sa mwen konnen, mwen te aprann NAN MEN yo.
      Everything I know, I learned FROM them.

14. Li te retire ze a NAN chapo a, e li te mete l nan pòch li.
     He took the egg FROM the hat and put it in his pocket.

15. Li te retire rad yo NAN malèt la, epi li te ban mwen yo.
     He took the clothes FROM the suitcase and he gave them to me.

Different From, made from(Indicating differences between people, things) → Ak, avè, avèk

17. Pa’l la DIFERAN AK pa’m nan.
     His/hers is DIFFERENT FROM mine.

18. Kabann nan te fèt AK bwa kajou.
     The bed was made FROM mahogany wood.

19. Boutèy sa a fèt AK materyèl resiklaj.
     This bottle is made FROM recycled materials.

20. M’ap soufri AK yon maltèt depi maten.
I've been suffering FROM a headache since this morning.

21. L’ap soufri AK chagren.
     She’s suffering FROM a broken heart.

Se te tout. Mèsi e n'a wè.
That was all.  Thank you and see ya.

Track: Yo by Beethova Obas and Jocelyne Berouard
Yon ti jès pou yo
Yon tandrès pou yo
Yon favè pou yo
Yon lonè pou yo
Yon zepòl pou yo
Yon pawòl pou yo
Yon respè pou yo
Libète pou yo

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