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Thursday, January 9, 2020

While reading a Haitian Creole, I came upon this:

While reading a blog ( in Haitian Creole, I came upon this:
Pèp sa nou ap meprize chak jou Bondje mete a, nou menm byennere, se li ki nan lari a. 
Pèp sa a nou fè tankou nou pa tande a paske nou fin fou ap chache La Perle des Antilles nou an, se li Ki nan lari a.
What does byennere mean in this context?
Answer: Byennere here means fortunate, a person who is content or blessed
Does  "nou fè tankou nou pa tande paske nou fin fou ap chache La Perle des Antilles nou an" mean "We act like we can't hear (them) because we're looking for our Ideal Ayiti like crazy"?
Answer: Yes, it does basically.
And if "fin fou ap chache" means "looking for like crazy" - can I say "M fin fou ap chache liv sa a"?
Yes again. 'going crazy looking for something'

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