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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A great birthday

Apparently I had a big birthday surprise party this weekend and no one told me :)
My family (about twenty of them!) traveled from as far as 500 miles to come wish me a happy birthday.  They came bearing gifts and lots of smiles. Yes, I was VERY surprised and touched.  They pulled it off in a big way.  Mezanmi! It was a two-day celebration.  I want to say a big thank you for all the b-day wishes.  I could not asked for a better group of people who has my back and stick around through thick and thin.
my sisters and I
Back, from left to right: Lydie, myself, Emmanuelle
Front, from left to right: Claudia, Esther.
I am the oldest girl, by the way.

My brother, Ernest and I.
My other brother, Seth stayed back with his sick wife in the hospital.

My mom, in front, being a good sport.

All the birthday "wishers", with Mike and Emmanuelle behind the cameras.

Mèsi anpil tout moun :)

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  1. Ala yon bel fanmi'w genyen! Bondye te beni'w anpil! Bon anivese zanmi'm!

  2. Bonn fet Mandaly!
    M'ap priye pou bondye beni ou pi bon.

  3. Madanm anmize ou pou fet ou a. Eske mwen byen di li?

  4. Bon fèt Mandaly! Li sanble w' te pase yon bon jou ak fanmi-w. Mèt Bondye beni-w ak fanmi-w.

    1. Wi, mèsi anpil! M te pase yo bon jou avèk fanmi mwen.
      Malerezman yo gentan pati pou retounen lakay yo :(

  5. mwen renmen foto yo e swete yo tout bon bagay! Betty