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Friday, June 21, 2013

"ki mele m si ou fache" or "kite mele m si ou fache" - which is correct? Can you give me more examples please

You may use either one.

ki mele m (kite mele'm) → I don't care, so what?

Ki mele'm si w fache  (so what if you're angry)
Ki mele'm si w pa pale avè m (so what if you don't talk to me)
Ki te mele'm si w ale ou pa janm tounen  (I don't care if you leave and never come back)
Ki te mele'm avè w (I don't care)

We also say "ki mele m avèk entèl" meaning "I don't care what so and so ...."
Joe pa vle fè zanmi avè m.  Ki mele'm avè l.
Joe doesn't want to be my friend. I don't care.

Moun yo refize ede m.  Ki te mele'm avè yo. M'a fè sa m kapab.
They refuse to help.  I don't care.  I'll do what I can.

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