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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hi Mandalay, How would you say the word outspoken? My mother always uses the term 'mete dlo nan bouch' but is there just one word or two word phrase that can be used that I don't know of? I'm full of questions today Thanks for your help.

Bonjou wi!

I like the term 'mete dlo nan bouch ou' because it so descriptive :)
But we usually say 'kare' or 'kare bare'.

Li se yon moun ki kare.
Li se yon moun ki pale kare.
Li pale kare bare. (There's not specific translation for 'bare' here. It's mostly used because it rhymes with 'kare')
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  1. M konprann (for the most part, lol) Except, I don't think I have heard the term Kare bare before, what does that literally translate to?
    Thank you

    1. There isn't a literal translation for kare bare that'll give you any hint of its meaning. It's just an expression.
      kare means square, upfront
      bare means to block