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Monday, March 27, 2017

I know the meaning of siou konnen dwa ou fow konn devwa w means. Can you explain if there's more to it. Give me an example on how you'd use it. thanks.

It's pretty much what you hear. The beauty in this saying is that it seems to rhyme: Si w konn dwa w, fò w konn devwa w (If you know your rights, you must know your duty) meaning if you're going to advocate for your rights, be sure not to neglect your duty.

How it can be used -  This is an example: You provide 100% for your teenage boy who's living in your home. But he does not abide by house rules because he constantly claim that he's independent and should be allowed to do whatever he wants. You can tell him, Si w konn dwa w, fò w konn devwa w,  if you want to live like an adult, pay your bills like an adult.
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