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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lesson 21 - Demonstrative Adjectives: This, That, These, Those

Demonstrative adjectives: This/That .... These/Those occur after the noun.

1. This girl - Ti fi sa

2. This car - Machin sa

3. This book - liv sa

4. That house - Kay sa

5. That table - Tab sa

6. These people - Moun sa yo

7. these clothes - rad sa yo

8. those chairs - chèz sa yo

Let's practice. Translate the following sentences.

1. These lessons are easy.

2.  This man is my dad.

3.  This book is red.

4. She sang this same song yesterday.

5. I take this car. You take that bike.

6. This church is spacious.

7. Those books are mine.

Find answer key at the bottom of this page.

1.leson sa yo fasil    2.mesye sa se papa mwen   3.liv sa wouj te chante menm chante sa yè pran machin sa. Ou ap pran bisiklèt sa    6.legliz sa gen anpil espas    7.liv sa yo se pa m

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