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Friday, March 12, 2010

Exercise 1 - Answers to Lesson 28

Before we go on... Questions for you: Have you heard any spoken Haitian Creole recently?
Do check out the Haitian internet radio network. It'll be a big help to get your ears used to hearing the language. is good place to start.

Moving on...

Did you answer the questions in Lesson 28?
Did you answer them in Haitian Creole?

Here are possible answers to those questions.

1. Mwen rele (your name here).

2. Wi, mwen gen yon machin. or Non, mwen pa gen machin.

3. Wi, m ap travay. or Non, m pap travay.

4. Mwen se yon (your profession here).

5. Wi, mwen gen ti moun. or Non, mwen pa gen ti moun.

6. Wi, mwen te manje yon zoranj jodi-a. or Non, mwen pat manje yon zoranj jodi-a.

7. Wi, mwen prale kay doktè demen. or Non, mwen pa prale kay doktè demen.

8. Wi, map chante konye-a. or Non, mwen pap chante kounye-a.

9. Wi m Kanada kounye-a. or Non, m pa Kanada kounye-a.

10. Wi m te gen maldan yè. or Non, m pat gen maldan yè.

11. M pale (your language here).

How did you do?

Did you notice the contractions? ie: mwen = m; mwen pa te = m pat or mwen pat.

...Until next time.

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