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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lesson 26 - Asking "wh" Questions with other verbs

Asking who, what, where, when and how questions with other verbs.

What - Ki sa + Inquiring sentence

Who - Ki moun ki + Inquiring sentence

Who - Kilès ki + Inquiring sentence

Where - Ki kote + Inquiring sentence

Where - Kote + Inquiring sentence

When - Ki lè + Inquiring sentence

How - Kòman / Ki jan + Inquiring sentence

Why - Poukisa + inquiring sentence

Why - Pouki + inquiring sentence

How - Ki jan + inquiring sentence

How come - Kòman fè + inquiring sentence

How much - Kombyen + noun + inquiring sentence

How many - Kombyen + noun + inquiring sentence


1. What will we eat tonight? - Ki sa nou pral manje aswè-a?

2. What do you want? - Ki sa ou vle?

3. What can we do? - Ki sa nou kab fè?

4. Who wrote the letter? - Kilès ki ekri lèt la?

5. Why do you sing? - Poukisa ou chante?

6. How do open a coconut? -  Kijan ou ouvè yon kokoye?

7. where do live? -  kote ou abite?

8. Who gave you that book? - Kilès ki ba ou liv sa?


1. Let’s go to the theater. What do you say?

2. Who ate my oranges?

3. What did you do in class today?

4. How did you make that dress?

5. Where did you see her?

Find answer key at the bottom of this page.

1.An nou ale nan teyat la, kisa ou di?    2. Kilès ki te manje zoranj mwen yo?    3.Kisa ou te fè nan klas jodi-a?    4.Kòman ou te fè rad sa-a? or Kijan ou te fè rad sa-a?    5.Ki kote ou te wè li?

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