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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Telling Time

Some numbers in Haitian Creole: The best way to learn numbers in Haitian Creole is to memorize them.

Audio/video link for learning numbers:
Other links for telling time:  Telling Time

Link to download audio for learning numbers:

En(1),  de(2), twa(3), kat(4), senk(5), sis(6), sèt(7), uit(8), nèf(9), dis(10), onz(11), douz(12), trèz(13), katòz(14), kenz(15), sèz(16), disèt(17), dizuit(18), diznèf(19), ven(20), trant(30), karant(40), senkant(50), san(100), desan(200), twasan(300), katsan(400), senksan(500), mil(1000), de mil(2000), twa mil (3000), kat mil (4000), senk mil (5000)

hour - lè,  è 

hour (number of) - èdtan 

o’clock - è

minute - minit

second (time) - segond

morning  - maten

afternoonapre midi

day - jounen, jou

night - aswè, swa

noon - midi

midnight - minwi

On time - alè

late - anreta

early - bonè

:15-minute mark after the hour - enka

:30-minute mark after the hour - e demi or edmi

:45-minute mark after the hour - twaka

:45-minute mark to the hour - mwenka

telling time equals = number + è.  Examples:

It's 11 o'clock - Li onzè.

It's 12 o'clock - Li fè douzè

It's about 3 o'clock - Li fè twazè

Come at about 1 o'clock - Vini vè  inè

Come at 7 o'clock - Vini a setè

We'll be done at around 5 o'clock - N'ap fini bò zòn senkè
Telling time with minutes equals = number + è + minutes.  Examples:

11:03 - onzè twa  (or) onzè twa minit

6:10 - sizè dis  (or) sizè di minit

5: 30 - senkè trant (or)

5:30 - senkè edmi  (*we also say 'edmi' for the :30-minute mark.  example coming next:)

1: 30 - inè e demi (means 'one and a half hour')

2:45 - dezè karant senk  (or)

2:45 - dezè twaka (we also say 'twaka' for the :45-minute mark)

4:15 - katrè kenz (or)

4:15 - katrè enka ("enka" translates the :15-minute mark)

6:00 in the morning - sizè dimaten

7:12 in the evening - setè douz di swa

3:00 in the afternoon - twazè nan apremidi
Early, Late, and On Time

It's early - Li bonè.

It's too early. - Li twò bonè.

It's late. - Li ta.

It's too late. - Li twò ta.

Come early. - Vini bonè.

Come on time. - Vini alè.

Don't come late. - Pa vini an reta.

Don't be late. - Pa vini an reta.

Sorry, I'm late. - Eskize m paske m anreta.

It's past 2 o'clock. - Li depase dezè.

It's way past 10 p.m. Where were you? - Li depase dizè di swa. Kote ou te ye?

Klas mwen kòmanse a witè.
Li depase witè kounye a.
Mwen anreta!
Let's practice a little.  Using the list of numbers above, write the following times in Haitian Creole.

1.  8 o'clock
2. 10 o'clock
3. 2 o'clock
4. 3:15
5. 1:20
6. 11:45
7. 7:30
8. 12:00 AM
9. 12:03 PM
10. 9:00 in the evening
11. You are late today.
12. It's past 11 o'clock.
13. Don't be too early!
Answers provided at the bottom of this page. Scroll down.

1.witè,    2.dizè,    3.dezè,   4.twazè kenz,    5.inè ven,    6.onzè karant senk or onzè twaka,    7.setè edmi,    8.minwi,    9.midi twa,    10.nevè diswa    11. Ou anreta jodi a.    12. Li depase onzè.    13. Pa vini twò bonè!


  1. 8 is uit or if you want to differ you can spell it as "ywit". But "wit" is not the right spelling cause we don't pronounce it that way.

    Great blog!

  2. Great! Thanks for your input. Corretion applied :)

  3. How would you say that you did something for a couple of hours? pou kek edtan? Mesi!

  4. Mesi pou 'post" w! I am wondering how you would say. We will meet in a few minutes. Or "in 15 minutes"? Is it correct say "nan kenz minut"?

    1. We will meet you in a few minutes - Nou va rankontre w / wè w nan kèlke minit.

    2. You got it right. Write minit with an 'i' instead of a 'u'.

      We will meet you in 15 minutes - Nou va rankontre w nan konz minit.