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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Exercise 47 - A Multiple Choice Quiz

Allo! Salut! e Bonjou tout moun!
Hello! Greetings! and good morning everyone!I thought today was a good day to test your knowledge of the Haitian Creole language. So we'll do a little harmless quiz.

You may also take this quiz online where you will find out your test results immediately.  Just click on the following link:


1. A word in Haitian Creole that means "sweet" is
a. bon
b. sik
c. dous

2. "Papa m malad." What does "m" stand for?
a. mwen
b. mechan
c. malouk

3. What does "m" in #2 mean?
a. I
b. my
c. me

4. "Ti moun yo grangou." What does "yo" mean?
a. They
b. The
c. Them

5. You want to know your Haitian neighbor's name. So you ask her,
a. Ki jan w ye?
b. Ki jan w pale?
c. Ki jan w rele?

6. What do the "w's" in #5 stand for?
a. wo
b. wè
c. ou

7. You are in Haiti and you want to buy some groceries. You would most likely go:
a. nan yon mache
b. nan yon jaden
c. nan yon legliz

8. You're walking the busy streets of Haiti looking for a bathroom. You see a busy machann, and you ask her
a. Ki kote twalèt la ye?
b. Ki moun ou ye?
c. Ki sa wap fè la?

9. A "machann" is a
a. police officer
b. Red Cross worker
c. street vendor

10. "Pa fè m sa." What does "Pa" indicate?
a. Negative
b. Past tense
c. Future tense

11. What does "m" mean in #10?
a. I
b. me
c. My

12. What does the sentence in #10 mean?
a. I will do this.
b. Don't do this to me.
c. I did this

13. "M pè." means
a. I do
b. I'm scared
c. I can

14. "Dlo a bon pou bwè". What does the "a" after the word "dlo" stand for
a. It's a singular definite article
b. It's a plural definite article.
c. It's a preposition

15. What does the Haitian Creole sentence in #14 mean?
a. The water is at the spring
b. The waters run to the spring
c. The water is good to drink

16. I want to ask a yes/no question. Which Haitian Creole word will I use in front of my question?
a. Ki
b. Eske

17. So I decided to ask my Haitian friend, "Do you eat oranges?" and I say,
a. Ki zoranj ou manje?
b. Eske ou manje zoranj yo?
c. Eske ou manje zoranj?

18. "Paper or plastic?" What are two ways to say "or" in Haitian Creole?
a. ou and oubyen
b. o and ou
c. o and oubyen

19. So, what are the two translations for "Paper or plastic?". Choose two answers.
a. Papye ou plastik?
b. Papye o plastik?
c. Papye oubyen plastik?

20. Translate: The big red car.
a. Gwo wouj machin nan.
b. Gwo machin wouj la.
c. Gwo machin wouj nan.
You will find the answers to these questions in the next blog :)

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