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Most requested translations added here for your convenience: I love you → Mwen renmen w. I miss you → Mwen sonje w. My love!Lanmou mwen!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day - Love on a Tropical Note

Hi everyone!
Thanks for posting your questions.
I understand that some of you would like to wish a Happy Valentine's Day to your loved one in Haitian Creole, and... you need some time to get acquainted with the foreign words.
Here is a list of words and phrases along with an audio recording of the correct pronunciation.

Here, audio for part I is available for download at this link:

Click play to listen. Be ready to hear the first two lines in Haitian Creole. It's a greeting.

Bonjou Mezanmi! - Hello friends!
Kijan nou ye? - how are you?

Part 1 - Words and Expressions
1. Bònn fèt Sent Valanten! - Happy Valentine's Day!
2. cheri - sweetie, love, sweetheart
3. kòkòt - sweetie, sweetheart, honey
4. ti chouchou - sweetie
5. ti boubout - sweetie
6. chouboulout - sweetie
5. renmen - to love (v.)
8. lanmou - love (n.)
9. lanmou mwen!  - my love!
10. damou - in love
11.nou damou - we're in love
12. fè lanmou - making love
13. flè - flowers
14. yon ti nounous - a teddy bear
15. chokola - chocolate
16. kado - gift
Here, audio for Part II is available for download at this link:

Part 2 - Sentences
1. Mwen renmen w - I love you

2. M damou pou ou - I'm in love with you

3. Ou se tout pou mwen - you mean a lot to me

4. m fou pou ou - I'm crazy for you

5. m renmen w a la foli - I'm crazy for you

6. ban m yon ti bo - give me a kiss

7. m pa ka viv san ou - I can't live without you

8. m pote yon ti flè pou ou - I brought you some flowers

9. m pote yon ti nounous pou ou - I brought you a Teddy bear

10. m pote yon ti chokola pou ou - I brought you some chocolate

11. m pote yon ti kado pou ou - I brought you a little gift

Here, audio for part III is available for download through this link:

Part 3 - Other Phrases

Mwen renmen w tou - I love you too

Mwen damou - I'm in love 

Ou se fanm mwen - You are my girl

Ou se nonm mwen - You are my man

Ou se mari m - you are my husband

Ou se madanm mwen -  you are my wife

menaj - girlfriend

menaj - boyfriend

Fevriye - February

Eske ou ta vle soti avèk mwen? - would you go out with me?

M ta renmen fè yon ti soti avèk ou - I would like to go out with you

Men wi! - yes!,   absolutely!,    sure!

Non mèsi, petèt yon lòt fwa - No thanks! maybe some other time

Nou renmen - we're dating

tonbe damou - fall in love

fiyansay - engagement 
Eske ou ta vle marye avèk mwen? - Would you marry me?

Marye avèk mwen - marry me.

Maryaj -Wedding

lin de myèl - Honeymoon


  1. I love this blog. how to translate back off in this language. need to ask someone to back off.

  2. To ask someone to back off or stay away from your life, you might gently say, "M vle ke ou kite m an repo. Mwen pa enterese nan ou nan nivo womans." This is translated as: "Please leave me alone. I am not romantically interested in you."
    Other wise you may use other words for "back off: such as:
    rekile dèyè - step back
    fè bak - step back
    rale kò w dèyè - move away

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  4. Thanks Alessandra, I humbly accept.

  5. I am lovin' this post! Thanks.

  6. Hi -

    This is amazing. I am making a VDay card and want to say:

    Sweetheart, You mean a lot to me and I want you to know that I am here always. I love you.

    Is this correct:

    Amoure, Ou se tout pou mwen. mwen vle ou konnen se mwen la pou ou. Mwen renmen ou.


  7. Hi sharlis, just a tiny change required. Good job! here it is:
    Amoure, ou se tout pou mwen. Mwen vle ou konnen ke map toujou la pou ou. Mwen renmen ou.

  8. Thanks so much Mandalay! You are the best.

  9. how do you say my ex boyfriend's name

  10. No matter what I will always love you and have your back

  11. Malgre sak pase map toujou renmenw e la pou ou

  12. Bel note de damous ki la wi..

  13. How do I get the poem " bouch Ou gen gou siwomyel Ki tranpe nan frèz. Depi w bo m kè m met zèl pou l vole sou lakansyèl lanmou." Do you know this poem by any chance?

  14. How do you say: "you have brought so much joy to my life"?

  15. Excuse me , somebody to help understand this sentence... Thanks!

    Cute, mwen renmen man jan