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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Exercise 66 - Turning on and Turning off Appliances

Turn on = limen or ouvè
Turn off = etenn or fèmen

Turn up = monte
Turn down = desann
Turn on the light limen limyè a
Turn off the lightetenn limyè a

Turn on the ovenlimen fou a
Turn off the ovenetenn fou a

Turn on the TVlimen televizion an
Turn off the TVetenn televizion an
Turn on the TV – ouvè televizyon an
Turn off the TVfèmen televizyon an

Turn on the AClimen èkondisyone a
Turn off the ACetenn èkondisyone a

Turn on the lamp limen lanp lan
Turn off the lampetenn lanp lan

Turn on the computerouvè konpitè a
Turn off the computer fèmen konpitè a

Turn the radio onouvè radyo a
Turn off the radiofèmen radyo a

Turn on the fanouvè vantilatè a
Turn off the fanfèmen vantilatè a

Turn on the cell phoneouvè telefòn nan
Turn off the cell phonefèmen telefòn nan

Turn on the water faucetouvè tiyo a
Turn off the water faucetFèmen tiyo a

Turn up the volume – monte volim nan
Turn down the volume – desann volim nan

Can you translate the following sentences?
1. You're wasting the water. Turn off the faucet.
2. It's hot. Turn on the fan
3. I am tired and sleepy. Turn off the television.
4. Turn on the light so I can read
5. Turn up the volume so I can hear the song.
Answers are at the bottom of this page

1.w ap gaspiye dlo a. fèmen tiyo a fè cho. ouvè vantilatè a  3.m fatige e m gen dòmi. etenn televizyon an  or m fatige e m gen dòmi. fèmen televizyon an 4.limen limyè a pou m ka li  5. monte volim nan pou m ka tande chante a

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