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Thursday, February 24, 2011

i'm gonna take some space there. clashes, extending, tribute, drench, engage, to inform, to collaspe. That a be it for today.

drench (v.) - tranpe
extending - alonje (may have other translation depending on the context in which it is used)
tribute - omaj
clashes (n.) - briganday
clash (v.) - twòke (may have other translations depending on context)
engage (participate)(v.) - angaje, patisipe
engage (v.) (promise to be married) - fiyanse
inform - enfòme
collapse (v.) - tonbe, kraze nèt (if you're talking about an object)
collapse (v.)- indispoze (if you're talking about someone)
collapse (n.)ranvèsman, chit (pronounced sheet)

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