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Friday, February 18, 2011

Mandaly, where do you place the pronoun when you want to say, "What's hurting you?" Is it at the end of the sentence?

usually after the verb.

hurt - fè mal, blese

fè mal - means causing pain
blese - usually means wounded, hurt

what's hurting you? - Kisa kap fè ou mal?
What's hurting him? - Kisa kap fè li mal?
That truly hurt me - Sa vrèman fè mwen mal
Does this hurt you? - Eske sa fè ou mal?
my head hurts - tèt mwen ap fè m mal
my teeth hurt - dan m ap fè m mal
her feet hurt - pye li ap fè li mal
my knee hurt - jenou m ap fè m mal

hope that helps.


  1. Does that go for all sentences, that the pronoun is place after the verb?

  2. That usually happens with the a "direct object".