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Friday, April 8, 2011

Negative Part III - Not...Yet

Poko - not yet
Ponkò → not yet
patko → not yet (past tense)

1. M poko manje. – I haven’t eaten yet.
2. M poko dòmi. – I haven’t slept yet.
3. Li poko la. – He’s not here yet.
4. Li patko rive. – He had not arrived yet.
5. M poko li liv la. – I haven’t read the book yet.

6. Ponkò chita. – Don’t sit down yet.
7. Poko kòmanse. - Don’t start yet.
8. Poko di anyen. – Don’t say anthing yet.
9. Poko di li anyen. - Don't say anything to him/her yet.

10. -Eske ou pare? – are you ready?
11. -Poko! – not yet!

12. -Eske ou fini? – Are you done?
13. -M poko! – No, not yet!

14. -Eske ou wè li? – Do you see it?
15. -No, m poko. – .No, not yet

16. -Eske ou te ba li li? -Did you give it to her?
17. -No, m patko. – No not yet?

18. -Eske ou te bay yo li? –Did you give it to them?
19. -No, m patko. – No, not yet.

20. -Eske li te ba ou li? -Did he give it to you?
21. -No, li patko. – No, not yet.

22. -Eske ou fin manje? – Are you done eating?
23. -No, m poko. – No, I’m not done yet.

24. -Eske ou fin pale? – Are you done talking?
25. -No, m poko fini. – No, not yet.

26. -Eske ou fin travay? – Are you done working?
27. -No, m poko fini. – No, not yet.

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