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Monday, May 9, 2011

Have a Nice Day!

Link to download this audio clip:
Listen and follow along :)

Bonjou oubyen Bonswa!
Good morning or good evening!


1. bònn chans - good luck

2. bon apeti - enjoy your meal
    Bon apeti tout moun!
    Enjoy your meal everyone!

3. bon kouraj - Be strong, take courage
    Bon kouraj frè mwen.- Take courage, my brother
    Bon kouraj sè mwen. - Take courage, my sister
    Bon kouraj zanmi mwen. - Be strong, my friend

4. bon apremidi - have a great afternoon
    Pase yon bon apremidi

5. bònn sware - have a great evening
    Pase yon bònn sware

6. bon vwayaj - have a nice trip
    Pase yon bon vwayaj

7. bònn jounen - have a nice day
    Pase yon bònn jounen

8.  bònn nwi - good night
     Pase yon bònn nwit.

9.   Bònn semèn - Have a great week.
      Pase yon bònn semèn.

10. Pase yon bon weekend. - Have a good weekend

11. Bonn fèt - Happy birthday

12.  Bònn anivèsè - Happy aniversary

13. Bònn ane - Happy new year

If you're wondering what the difference is between 'bon' and 'bònn'.  The difference comes from the gender accord in the French language.  'Bon' is used with masculine nouns, and 'bònn' is used with feminine nouns.  There's no gender accord in Creole.  It is best to memorize the few ones that you find in Haitian Creole.

Mèsi, pase yon bònn jounen e orevwa!

Track: Se lavi by Cedric Watson