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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I find it weird that Prince William and Kate waited a week, whent to work, and now decided to go on their honeymoon. Don't you find it strange?

Well, it is kind of odd. Maybe Prince William wanted to get all his work hours in. Maybe Kate was ...out of action... and she wanted to enjoy her time more "fully" on this expensive honeymoon. Who knows why they waited?


  1. yeh, either that or they fumigating their hotel.

  2. or maybe their private jet was still being repaired.

  3. I don't know, but two reasons people wait to have their honeymoon is: 1) it was a rushed wedding and one of the newlywed is being deployed to war or work overseas. 2) they can't afford a honeymoon.
    If the marriage was the celebration of their love, taking off into the sunset to celebrate getting married should not have waited.
    What? Prince William could not get time off from work?

  4. What? Prince William could not get time off from work?

    LOL to this post. Yes...of course...don't you know that 'duty' is of the utmost importance to these 'royals'? Yeah...right. Nothing but spoiled, arrogant people who have done nothing to earn their status other than to pillage from 'their followers.' It's true.

  5. Perhaps he was warned not to travel until after the news that came out of pakistan died down a bit.

  6. Of course they were advised not to travel for security reasons,considering the news of OBL being dead.

  7. Good theory, we will one day find out.