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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I was once told that it is considered rude to whistle in Haiti. Is this true? Why?

Yes, it is true,, but only for kids and younger people.
"whistling" is one of the things that you are not supposed to do around adults. I know this, 'cause I got slapped because of that one day.

In Haiti, kids are "supposed to be" seen, not heard. Here is a list of things you are not supposed to do when you are in the company of an older person (no matter how old you are).

No whistling
No sitting with legs crossed
No looking at an older person straight in the eye
(especially if they are in the middle of a "grown-up" conversation, or juicy gossip)
No standing with both your hands on your side.
No sucking you teeth at grown ups. (they really get offended by that).

These things make you seem arrogant, cocky and audacious. Haitian elders will surely call you on those things. I used to get in trouble for all these things:)


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