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Friday, April 27, 2012

Yon sèl grenn?

Yon sèl grenn or Yon sèl or Yon grenn→ one, just one, only one

Yon sèl grenn soulye.
Only one shoe.

    de pye nan yon grenn soulye (expression)
    both feet are in one shoe.
    to be trapped, to be caught in an awkward position or situation

    M te santi de pye m te nan yon grenn soulye.
    I felt trapped.

Yon sèl grenn kay.
Just one house.

Yon sèl grenn moun.
One person.

Yon sèl Sovè.
Only one Savior.

Yon sèl Bondye.  Yon sèl lafwa.
One God.  One faith.

Grenn is also Creole for seed or grain, one unit, pills or tablets, penis or testicules, and also granules

so , the verb degrennen (de-grenn-en)to separate, to break down into smaller parts/units

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