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Thursday, June 7, 2012

do you know any haitian home remedies... for common things such as a cold, or head aches, or cold sores etc.

Haitian home remedies will most likely come from plants, leaves or the tree bark itself.
If you're interested in Haitian Home remedies, there are still a few good books on this subject, especially at Haitian bookstore such as Libreri Mapou in Miami.

I can only tell you of remedies that my parents have given me and some that I still use.
For colds they've boiled orange tree and lemon tree leaves, added honey
They've also crushed pieces of onions with honey.  Makes nice onion juice.  It worked for me.

For headaches, they use soursop leaves, boil it and make it in to a warm compress around the head.  And then we drink bazilik, orange tree, fèy melis tea by boiling their leaves.

We've used cut up lemons to clean and even debrid small open sores, but I don't remember what they used for cold sores.
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