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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

response to 'mèsi anpil'

When someone says THANK YOU, You can answer and say:

You could say:
Deryen (it was nothing)
Padekwa (don't mention it)
Se te yon plezi (It was a pleasure)
Se te tout plezi'm (The pleasure's all mine)
Se pa't gran choz (It was no biggie)
Se pa't anyen ditou (It was nothing at all)
Pa gen pwoblèm (no problem)
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  1. I want to learn creole, where wiuld you suggest I start?
    Can someone post resources for me?
    Appreciate much

    1. If you want to learn Creole online, check out They are very good. They have an 8-week conversational class and other online learning materials. If you want to go to a class, check out your local community colleges. Let me know how you're doing after that.