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Saturday, August 25, 2012

do ya know what this means? yo ap kite miscad yo nan kanel yo. one more i know what this means but i wanna see what you see. w 'ap gen tan konnen.

Yo ap kite miskad yo nan kannèl yo.
They're leaving the nutmegs in the cinnamon.

W'ap gentan konnen.
Soon you'll know (most often said as a warning)

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  1. does yo ap kite miskad yo nan kannel yo have a different meaning though? like is it a warning?

    1. I had not heard that one before.
      I am told that it is the same idea as these Creole expressions:

      Kite bon grenn melanje ak move grenn.
      Let the good seed mix with the bad seed.
      Madigra mele ak bon mas.
      Clowns are mixed with good people literally
      We get all kind of people.