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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Do you have a post on the usage of FIN (and VIN also) with some examples. Thanks!

vin → shortened form of vini,  means to come, to become

fin → shortened form of fini, means to finish, to be done to, be completed, and sometimes it may be translated in English as fully, totally, or completely.

1. Si li fin manje, li kapab ale nan chanm li.
    If she's finished eating, she can go to her room.

2. Lè ou fin fè devwa'w, ou mèt gade televizyon.
    When you're finished doing your homework, you may watch TV.

3. Lè ou fin avèk liv mwen an, pote'l ban mwen.
    When you're done with my book, bring it to give me.
     When you're done with my book, bring it to me.

4.  Mwen fèt sot kwaze ak pitit gason Jacques la. Li fin wo nèt!
     I just crossed path with Jacques'son, He's done getting tall totally!
     I just met Jacques' son.  He's grown so tall!

5.  Mwen pa't fin konprann sa'w te di a.  Eske ou ka repete'l?
     I wasn't done understanding what you said.  Can you repeat it?
     I didn't totally understand what you said.  Can you repeat it?

6. Ou poko fin refè non. Rete nan kabann.
    You are not yet done recovering, stay  in bed.
     You have not fully recovered yet, stay in bed.

7. Lè'w fin pran tout medikaman an, rele klinik la pou'w mete yon randevou.
    When you're finished taking all the medication, call the clinic to set up an appointment.

8. Mwen p'ap janm fin remèsye'w pou tout sa'w fè pou mwen.
   I'll never be done thanking you for all that you've done for me.
   I'll never stop thanking you for all you've done for me.
Vin → come, become

9. Apre yo te fin pentire kay la, li te vin pi bèl kay nan katye a.
    After they were done painting the house, it became the most beautiful house in the neighborhood

10. Mwen vin mande'w sipò'w.
    I've come to ask you for your assistance.

11. Vin montre'm dan'w. → Come show me your teeth.

12. Vin gade li. → Come take a look at it.

13.  Vin ale. → Let's go.

14. Vin al gade l (or Vin ale gade li) → Let's go see it

15. Vin di'm sa'k pase. → Come and tell me what happened

16. Vin jwenn mwen. → Come to me.

17. Mwen vin kote'w. → I have come to you./ I come to you

18. Vin danse avè'm. → Come and dance with me.
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