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Saturday, August 18, 2012

How do you say "Don't be" something. Such as "Don't be cruel". or "Please don't be mad" or "Don't be afraid". Not so much about the specific adjective but more about the construction of the "don't be" part. Thanks!

Actually, we would be translating to be cruel, to be afraid, to be shy, etc... as verbs.
We already know that "Don't" will be translated as 'Pa" in H. Creole.

To be afraid →
Don't be afraidPa

To be shy → fè timid / fè timidite
Don't be shyPa fè timid

To be upset → fache
Don't be upsetPa fache

to be judgmental → jije
Don't be judgmentalPa jije

to be greedy → fè goumandiz, fè aloufa, fè visye, fè avaris
Don't be greedyPa fè avaris

to be lazy → fè parese
Don't be lazyPa fè parese

to be jealous → fè jalouzi
Don't be jealousPa fè jalouzi

to be nosy → fè jouda
Don't be nosy → pa fè jouda

What if we wanted to say to be a noun?  We would still be dealing with 'verbs' in Haitian Creole.  For example:

Don't be a fool Pa fè estipid ...

Don't be a jerkPa fè enbesil ....

Don't be a cowardPa fè kapon ..

Don't be a stranger to me → Pa fè etranje avè'm.

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