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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I am wondering how to say something looks like or sounds like something. He looks like his brother. What does he look like? It sounds like he was pretty angry....or a better question might be how you would ask similar questions in kreyòl. Thanks.

For 'similarity' questions,
Use H. Creole's sanble → resemble
Use the H. Creole preposition ak, avè, or avèkwith
So you will say sanble akto look like

1. Ak kisa li sanble?
    With what it resembles? (literally)
    What does it look like?

2. Ak kilès bebe a sanble?
   With who baby the resemble? (literally)
   Who does the baby look like?

3. He looks like his dad.
    Li sanble ak papa li.

4. The house looks like a box
    Kay la sanble ak yon bwat.

5. Mezanmi o! Yo sanble ak yon bann zonbi.
   Oh my! They look like a bunch of zombies.

And to say to give the impression, sound like, look like, to appear as if,
Use sanble → seem
When using sanble to translate "it seems ..." , H. Creole speakers most of the time drop the subject 'it, or other subjects' that comes in front of 'seems'.

6. Sanble ou malad.
    Ou sanble ou malad.
    You look sick.

7. Sanble li pral fè lapli.
    Li sanble li pral fè lapli.
    It seems it's going to rain.
    It looks like it's going to rain.

8. Sanble'm pral gripe.
    Mwen sanble'm pral gripe.

    It ooks like I'm coming down with a cold.

9. Sanble se yon bon zafè.

    Li Sanble se yon bon zafè.

    It Sounds like a good deal.

10. Sanble Marlene gen anpil pwoblèm lakay li.
     Marlene sanble li gen anpil pwoblèm lakay li.
      It look like Marlene has a lot of problems at home.

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