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Thursday, August 9, 2012

i have seen the word "koze" used what seems like 15 different ways... can you tell me some of the ways it is used

Yes :)
The word koze can mean so many different things in Creole, and it is used in hundreds of expressions too.

Koze n., in Haitian Creole, can be translated as: chatter, dialogue, story, situation,  business, personal affairs, gibberish, double talk, baloney, crap, blah-blah, dispute, etc...

Using koze in a sentence:

1.  Mwen gen yon koze pou'm di'w.
     I have something to tell you.

2.  Koze lanmou sa se tèt chaje!
     This affair of love is a headache!

vye koze can mean filth, dirty talk, offensive language, obscenities, sexual stuff
3.  Chak fwa mwen wè Nancy, se vye koze sèlman li vle pale.
     Every time I see Nancy, she only wants to talk about obscenities.

Koze, as verb, can mean to chat, to talk, to talk gibberish, to court a woman
4.  Frantz gen dezan depi l'ap koze ak Myrlene.  Yo resi renmen.
     Frantz has been courting Myrlene for two years.  They're finally going out.

And, here are some expressions with koze that you will hear often.
5. Ki koze sa?
    What the hell is this?
     What is this?

6. Men koze papa!
    There it goes.
    Oh no, there it goes.

7. Nan ki koze mwen ye la?
    What did i get myself into?

8. Vin tande yon koze
    Come and listen to this

9. Se gwo koze
    It's a big deal

10. Ala de koze!
      Ala de koze papa!
      What baloney!
      What nonsense!

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