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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm looking for the right ways to say "want to be." Li se dòktè. Li vle se dòktè. Kòrèk? Men... Li ro. (he's tall). Li vle se ro. ?? Does that work, or would I have to say something like "li vle fini ro" or something like that? Mesi!

There are really two best ways to say it:

The first one:  want to be ... → vle vin ... (which literally translates want to come/ become)
1. He wants to be a doctor.
    Li vle vin yon doktè.

2. She wants to be skinny
    Li vle vin mens.

3. I want to be a servant.
    Mwen vle vin yon sèvitè

4. She wants to be like you.
    Li vle vin tankou'w

5. I want to be your friend
    Mwen vle vin zanmi'w

The second one: I want to be ... → Mwen vle pou'm ta ... which literally means I want for me to be ... (where the pronoun that comes after POU reflects the subject)
This second one can also be used for the sentences above.  AND .... it works well in sentences where it's hard to use VLE VIN such as #7 and #9.

6. I want to be my own boss.
    Mwen vle pou'm ta bòs tèt mwen.
    I want for me would be the boss of my head (literally :)

7. I want to be wherever you are.
    Mwen vle pou'm ta nenpòt kote ou ye.
    I want for me would be anywhere you are (literally)

8. He wants  to be taller.
    Li vle pou'l ta pi wo. 
    He wants for him would be more tall (literally)
    and you could also say:
    Li vle vin pi wo.
    He wants come more tall (literally)

9. They want to be with their mom.
    Yo vle pou yo ta ak manman yo.
     They want for them would be with mom their (literally)

10. She wants to be my girlfriend
      Li vle pou'l ta menaj mwen.
      She wants for her would be girlfriend my (literally)

P.S. you don't always have to use contractions after POU. You can say pou mwen ta (instead of pou'm ta), pou li ta (instead of pou'l ta), pou nou ta (instead of pou'n ta), etc...

AND... as you get comfortable using this 'second one', you'll start noticing that Haitians may use different tenses; past tense (vle pou pronoun te ...), present tense (vle pou pronoun ...).

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