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Friday, August 10, 2012

Is, I believe it is "manman-ou pi gran pase gran-n ou" an insult or something bad? I know it means the mother is older than the grandmother, but that can't be right... thanks.

Well, you're right about the translation.
Manman'w pi gran pase grann ou means that your slip is showing.
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  1. Oh man these just crack me up sometimes.

  2. Ah wi!
    Pafwa Kreyòl la se bèl komedi :)

  3. I know we have things that are just as weird in English, I just wonder what the root of sayings like this are.

    1. This makes allusion to dominance, control or authority.
      The older grandmother represents the skirt. She should be dominant, in control, and 'on top'.
      The younger mother represents the underskirt/slip. She should be kept in check, 'underneath and unseen'.

      Manman'w pi gran pase grann ou. (your mother is older than your grandmother.) is just hinting that things are out of order, you need to check yourself, a natural law/order is broken somehow...