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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jan ou gen bon ke sa a! (kisa fraz sa vle di nan angle? Mwen pa fin konprann "bon ke sa a") Mesi!!

Premyèman, bon kè vle di good hearted, compassionate

Li gen bon kè.
He has good heart (literally)
He's compassionate.

Dezyèman, Haitian Creole expressions that start  with "Jan ..." or "Pou jan ..." indicates the modifiers SO, SO MUCH, FOR SUCH A ...

1. Jan ou gen bon kè sa, poukisa li ta fè'w sa? 
The way you have this good heart, why he would fo you that (LITERALLY)
For such a compassionate person like yourself, why would he do that to you?
You are so compassionate, why would he do that to you?

2. Jan' m te anvi wè'w sa enpi ou pa vin vizite'm.
    The way I wished to see you, and you not come visit me (LITERALLY)
    I wanted to see you so much and you didn't come to visit me.

3. Pou jan'l te bon timoun sa, mwen pa't janm panse li ta fè sa.
    For the way he was this good kid, I didn't never think he would do that (LITERALLY)
   He was such a good kid, I never thought that he would do this.

3. Jan nou t'ap konte sou prim sa, enpi nou pa't resevwa'l.  Sa dekourajan!
    The way we counted on this bonus, and we didn't receive it. ....(LITERALLY)
    We were counting on that bonus so much, and we didn't receive it.  That's discouraging!

4. Jan'w se yon moun ki gen lòd sa, kijan fè ou pa't prevwa sa?
    The way you are this person that has order, how happen you didn't foresee this (LITERALLY)
    For such a organized person like yourself, how could you have not foreseen this?

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