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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

M genyen yon kesyon sou mo "anvi" a. Fraz sa yo sòti yon liv ki rele "Zig Lavi": pg 11 "Yo ban m anvi respekte lavi." pg 18 "Yon baye anvi wè." M konprann fraz sa yo kom: "They gave me a feeling of respect for live." "A yawn that was worth seeing."

anvi, as a verb, can be translated in English as to desire, to wish for, to crave, to want, to yearn for
anvi, as a noun, can be translated in English as a longing, an urge, a yearning, a desire

Ou byen tradui premye fraz la.
"Yo ban'm anvi respekte lavi."
"They gave me a feeling of respect for life."
They make want to respect life.  (literally)

In the second sentence, anvi wè means yearning to see, longing to see.
But anvi wè is used as an adjective here:

yon baye anvi wè.
a yawning of longing to see (literally)
a languishing yawn
an anxious yawn
a wishful yawn
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  1. Thank you! I think your translation of the second sentence is spot on. The story is told first person from a young boy, and the second sentence "Yon baye anvi wè" is in the context of him being taken to a major city (Gonayiv) for the first time. He is excited and nervous, but starts to get tired and fall asleep as they arrive.