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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Ni rigwaz ni rele ni movesan, sa pa briding gwo bonnanj mwen ki pran lyann al jouke langinen." Zig Lavi,36. Translation thoughts? (particularly "jouke langinen")

rigwaz - whip
movesan (or move san, literally bad blood) → upset, vexation, bitterness
briding → intimidate, flinch
bonnanj → ghost, spirit, soul
lyann → tree vine
pran lyann (literally take a vine), picture a tarzan-like individual taking a swing on a vine 
jouke → roost, perch
langinen (also written in Creole as nan Ginen, nan Gine) means in Guinea, Africa.  Guinea is believed to be the origin or motherland of all Haitians.  Haitians also use the word Ginen to mean beginning, origin, genesis.  In the times of slavery, many slaves believed that after their death their soul returned Nan Ginen.

Ni rigwaz ni rele ni movesan
Neither whip, neither cry, neither bad blood (LITERALLY)

sa pa briding gwo bonnanj mwen
that not intimidate big (main) spirit my (LITERALLY)

ki pran lyann al jouke langinen
who take vine to go perch in Guinea (LITERALLY)

Ni rigwaz ni rele, ni movesan, sa pa briding gwo bonnanj mwen ki pran lyann al jouke langinen.
Neither the whip, nor tears, nor bitterness does not move my soul who's ran away to rest in Guinea.
the translation might be slightly different based on the context.
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