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Saturday, August 18, 2012

what does this prayer say?: seigneur .ou konnin m ew sonde m ou we kem se pa fe moun we , oubien travay pou fanmim selman men se desim pou travay ou ti mou n yo kap soufri ,ki pa gen moun pou ede yo nan pays d'haiti... map mande w pou pa kite angnen dekouragem nan sam vle fe pou ou ,ke se maladi, mankeman , ou nimpot lot bagay ki ka kampe sou cheminm . banm kompasion nan kem pou tout lot mou seigneur merci ampil papa..

Senyè, ou konnen'm e w sonde'm.

Ou wè ke se pa fè moun wè oubyen travay pou fanmi'm sèlman 

Men se dezi'm pou travay pou ti moun yo k'ap soufri

ki pa gen moun pou ede yo nan peyi Dayiti...

M'ap mande w pou pa kite anyen dekouraje' nan sa'm vle fè pou ou

ke se maladi, mankeman, ou nempòt lòt bagay ki ka kanpe sou chimen'nm 

Banm konpasyon nan kè'm pou tout lòt moun Senyè,

Mèsi  anpil Papa.

It says something like that:
Lord, you know me and tried me.
You see that I'm not showing off, or just working for my family
but my desire is to work for the suffering kids
who have no one else to help them in Haiti
I ask you to keep me from giving up in what I want to do for you
whether it's illness, needs , or other things that may stand in my way
give me compassion in my heart for other people
Than you Father

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