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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

how do you say let me drink with you

Let me drink with you.
Kite'm bwè avèk ou.
Te'm bwè avèk ou.
Lèse'm bwè avèk ou.
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  1. "Te" has an alternative definition where it means "kite" or "lèse," as opposed to its normal use at the past tense indicator?

    1. You will mostly hear it as a shortened form of kite when used in the first person (singular or plural).
      Some examples of sentences you might hear.
      Te'm ale.
      short for Kite'm ale
      Let me go.

      Te'm di'w sa.
      short for Kite'm di'w sa
      Let me tell you this.

      And you probably know that the word te is also Haitian Creole for tea
      Eske ou gen te?
      Do you have tea?

      Nou te bouyi fèy zoranj pou fè te.
      We boiled some orange leaves to make tea.

    2. Also this shortened form of kite is best used in the imperative form of the verb.

      Te'm rele'l pou wè si li la.
      Let me call her to see if she's home.

      Te'n koumanse priye.
      Let's start praying.

      Te'm al lakay mwen.
      Let me go home