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Sunday, September 9, 2012

I do not understand "nan bay" in this sentence: "Nou wè Bouki ak Malis k ap fè lago nan bay yonn lòt ti bwa kenbe."-Zig Lavi, 57

...nan bay → ... in giving

Now, bay bwa kenbe (literally give someone a stick to hold) and sometimes bay yon bwa long kenbe (literally give someone a long stick to hold) is an expression that usually means to scorn, to repudiate, or to reject someone.
...Or the author may just have this literally...

Nou wè Bouki ak Malis k'ap fè lago nan bay yonn lòt ti bwa kenbe.
We see Bouki and Malis playing hide-and-seek in giving each other a little stick to hold.

So this could also have a non-literal meaning: 
We see Bouki and Malis taking turn in mocking / ridiculizing each other

or... :), the fè lago part may be making reference to this cat and mouse game that Bouki and Malis usually plays.
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