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Friday, September 28, 2012

I want to express "I can be (noun/adj)." Is this "M ka (fache)" and "M ka se (yon bon zanmi)?"

You've got it, it seems.

Mwen ka fache.
I may be angry.

Mwen konn fache.
I can be mad.

Li ka malad, se pou sa li pa't vini
She may be ill, that's why she didn't come.

Nou ka anreta pou reyinyon an.
We may be late for the meeting.

Li ka se yon bon zanmi ki trayi w.
It may be a good friend who betrayed you.

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  1. Ok, so the difference between "M konn fache" and "M ka fache"

    I could say "Si ou rive anreta m ka fache."
    Better than "Si ou rive anreta m konn fache."

    I could say "Pi souvan m kontan, men tanzantan m konn fache."
    Instead of "Pi souvan m kontan, men tanzantan m ka fache." (nearly the same?)

    1. yes, you got it.

      Si ou rive anreta m ka fache.
      If you get there late I may get angry.

      Pi souvan m kontan, men tanzantan m konn fache.
      Most of the time I'm in a good mood, but sometimes I can get angry.

      P.S. Translation I gave up there is non literal (more basic).