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Friday, September 14, 2012

I was told that if a Haitian person runs his finger across hi neck, it means he is hungry. In this country ( the US) it means something much more threatening. What is your take on this?

A hungry Haitian is more likely to hold on to his belly or stretch his hand out as a sign of begging than run his finger across his neck.
If a Haitian, or anyone else, gestured me by running his finger across his neck I would ask my little legs to take me away from that individual as fast as possible:  Pye, sa'm te manje m pa't ba ou!
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  1. Can you explain/comment on the Creole expression you used at the end of this post?

    1. Someone who needs to run for his life, in Haiti, would utter this expression.

      Pye, sa'm te manje m'pat ba ou.
      You could see it literally as:
      Feet, what did I eat and I didn't give you?
      Feet, I took good care of you so take care of me now!

      So, basically, it just mean: Feet, help me run!