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Friday, September 7, 2012

if you were going to the wedding of a dear friend in Haiti, what do you think would be an appropriate gift for the bride & groom? and what are some typical haitian wedding traditions?

I have seen people give gifts of household items, beddings, cookbooks, house ornaments, etc...
But I love the idea of a personalized / engraved gift item such as picture frames, wedding picture frames, his and hers bathrobes, etc....
I also love the idea of solar powered anything such as solar powered fans,  radios,  cell phone chargers; these can come pretty handy in Haiti.
Haitian wedding traditions vary by regions and religion.  I WOULD ASK marenn maryaj la (the maid of honor) about what to expect during the ceremony and reception.
Will there be any fidonè (flower girls)?
Should you bring your gift to the location of the wedding reception which my be a hall or most often someone's home?
If it's in the countryside, how will the bride and groom get from the church to the reception hall?   By car?  By horse?  On foot?
How will YOU get from the church to the reception hall?
Parenn maryaj la (the best man) usually give a VERY long speech at the reception.
The church ceremony is usually long too.  It's like the pastor is trying to cram one more pre-marital counseling session in the service
There's usually lots of food, kremas, likè, music, and dancing (unless it's a Christian wedding)
You should expect to have a great time
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