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Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm not sure what this verb form is called... but I'm looking for the grammar of things like: ...are being broken.. ...are being taught... ...are being eaten... etc.

What you have it here is the PASSIVE VOICE in the  (present) PROGRESSIVE FORM.
You won't find this in Haitian Creole.  You will find the ACTIVE VOICE in Creole:

I am being eaten alive.
Y'ap manje mwen tou vivan.

I am being watched.
Y'ap siveye mwen.
Gen yon moun k'ap siveye mwen.

I am being replaced in my job.
Yo ap ranplase mwen nan travay mwen an.
Y'ap ranplase'm nan travay mwen an.

I'm being abused by my wife.
Madanm mwen ap abize'm.

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  1. Thank you... So can you tell me how to construct something like:

    "I'm looking for list of people who are being arrested."

    1. I am looking for a list of people who are being arrested.
      M'ap chache yon lis moun ki gen manda pou arestasyon
      M'ap chache kèk moun ki sou lis arestasyon.