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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Do you know about this haitian leg cramp home remedy? It's a remedy where someone shake a cloth on the cramped leg. What's in the cloth?

Well, there's nothing in the cloth, and it's not just a piece of cloth.
It's a very unconventional treatment.
If you're having leg cramp (or your leg is asleep), you simply ask a child, who is an habitual bed wetter, to come and shake the fringe of his clothing over your cramped leg for temporary relief.  I cannot comment on whether it works or not, but it's done often.  If you should ever witness this, you'd see that a group of kids might be playing marbles or jumping rope and all of a sudden one of them is called into an 'adult circle', and you'll see the kid wave his/her clothing over someone's leg matter-of-factly, and then the kid goes back to his/her game.
Have I ever been asked to shake my clothes over someone's leg? Yes, when I was very little :)
Have I ever ask a kid to shake their clothes over my leg? No, are you kidding me :)

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