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Saturday, October 27, 2012

from Bèbè Golgota pg 54, "Malgre y ap pale ansanm, youn pa t sou bò lòt." What does "sou bò lòt" mean? Thank you!

sou bò (expression) → to be interested in, to hold one's attention

Mwen pa sou bò ou.
I am not interested in you.

Li pa menm sou bò ou.
He is not even interested in you.

Malgre y ap pale ansanm, youn pa't sou bò lòt.
Even though they were talking together , one was not interested in the other. (literally)
Though they were speaking to each other, one had no interest in the other.

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  1. (I'll recomment that here, since posting it directly on the Form Spring seemingly does not make it show up here):

    The context is a group of students at the Champ de Mars discussing "kijan pou Ayiti ta chanje."

    Later on, "sou bò" is used in a different context (pg 79) "Sou bò kote pa m, m antre nan apante estasyon pwovens ki gen nan kapital la." What does it mean in this context?

    1. Formsprings used to post directly to Blogger, but they had stopped doing that. They're only directly posting to Facebook and Twitter now.

      Sou bò kote pa'm,in the above sentence means as for me

      Sou bò kote pa'm
      On my side , literally
      As for me

      Sou bò kote pa m, m antre nan apante estasyon pwovens ki gen nan kapital la.
      As for me, I started to survey the "provincial" stations that are in the capital.

      estasyon pwovens are bus travel centers servicing the provinces of Haiti.